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I am the victim of ABUSE OF A VULNERABLE ADULT- here are some facts about my abuse: My abuser is my husband, USAF Medical Officer, Major Arthur John Greenwood. My husband is 49 years old.

I. Do you understand what Abuse of a Vulnerable Adult is?

  • Abuse of A Vulnerable Adult is abuse, where in the victim is over 60 years old, the abuser controls 100% of the  finances and the victim is being forced to live in an unfit, unsafe and or dangerous situation.  Apparently no one in Congress has bothered to fund programs that help victims of Abuse of a Vulnerable Adult, which impacts the fastest growing segment of our society. Government reports have indicated for years now that Abuse of A Vulnerable Adult is growing. It will very likely impact you or someone you love.

I am over 60 years old. I am disabled. My husband controls 100% of our finances. I have no access to credit, to savings, to anything at all, except what he decides to deposit in our joint bank Account. Currently there is less than fifty dollars in the account, which is not remotely enough to meet any minimal standards for food, rent, insurance, taxes,  medical care, dental care,  or any of the debts and obligations he has dumped on me. My husband is an extremely arrogant manipulative man. On August 6, 2015 I was told I was to “cut back on my standard of living.” You can see videos of home I am living in here: Page with VIDEOS from February 2, 2015 showing the conditions of this home

Things have gotten worse since February 2, 2015, in large part because I have been injured many many times since those videos were taken.  In July of 2015 Arthur took $5,675.00 from my bank account without my knowledge or consent. That money was to be used to pay a licensed electrical company to do what was possible to provide safe temporary electoral service for me and the horses.  As a result of Arthur taking the money from my account, I went without air conditioning in 100 degree heat, and slept in my van much of the summer.  Here is a video of how I have to bathe. VIDEO Conditions of home Oct 23, 2015 showing  how I have to bathe.  VIDEO made 2015 June 27 rain inside  and   VIDEO Thursday August 20, 2015  made about a week after Arthur stopped providing any support at all for the animals and ordered me to cut back on my standard of living.

In November of 2015 I learned that Arthur has the resources to hire civilian attorneys to harass me, and to provide for his obligations here. He is simply refusing to do so.

The USAF has known of my husbands conduct for years, and done nothing at all to help me.  As but one example of many,  here are days of email exchanges with my husband’s commander, USAF Medical Officer Col. Louis Martinez from January 5, 2015 to January 16, 2015, wherein Col Martinez is informed repeatedly that Arthur is NOT meeting his obligations to me or his animals.  Col Martinez did absolutely nothing as the animals and I ran completely out of food. Here are email exchanges with USAF Lt. Col Elliot Pinero in January of 2015 and in February of 2015.  There are hundreds more emails, texts and phone calls (some of which are recorded).

As I write this on January 1, 2016, were it not for the compassion and generosity of  a woman who has followed this on FaceBook, the  horses and dogs would have been without food for a month now.

And before you ask, “NO, I never willingly agreed to live like this, not for one day, not for one moment.”  Forcing me to live like this has always been abuse, especially when he was living in a second home in relatively luxury, with what I now know was a robust active social life,  that entirely excluded me. For much of our marriage he was obese while  I was starving.  While I lived in emotional and social isolation, in poverty, and went without food, heat, medical and dental care for years, Arthur  had a new bedroom suite, leather couch, huge screen T.V. with the deluxe cable sports package and went to parties, sports games and on trips that I never knew about.  In fact, he lied about our taxes, his income, his fidelity and just about every thing else. Over the years  I borrowed almost $400,000.00 (four hundred thousand dollars) so that Arthur could pursue his obsessions to be a horse and dog breeder.  It was a business that he deducted as a loss on his Federal Income Tax Return every year going back to 2004.  In the marriage I became nothing more than abused barn and kennel help.  Over the years there were many times that Arthur and I discussed how I was living versus how he was living and the money we were spending on his whims and obsessions, and always he promised that if I just held out a bit longer,  or let him spend our money on himself just one more time, that he would provide a real home for me and us.    If I just waited for one more thing he wanted first, if I just put off my needs for his impulsive whims.  In the end, in this marriage I was never more than his kennel and barn help.  As just one of dozens of examples, see video of home he wanted to buy in January of 2014

My husband earns and or has the ability to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year as a Residency Trained Board Certified OBGYN.  He is choosing to force me to live in poverty.

II. Abandoned to live in poverty – retaliation for whistleblowing

Since November of 2014 I have been abandoned here in a rental home in North Carolina:

  • In late October of 2014, just weeks before abandoning me, in a sworn statement to the  United States Air Force, my husband claimed that I was disabled and that he needed to be allowed to retire from the US Air Force early  to come home and help me care for the property and the animals, which at that time included only two old mares and 6 permanent adult dogs.  See chain of emails with the official USAF Retirement Request.
  • In early December 2014 – my husband abandoned me, to live in poverty,  with a mountain of his debt and enormous obligations to preserve and maintain what he called his “community property” for a year, while he hid  from Service of Process, and continued to threaten me.
  • the home I have been forced to live in  is over 70 years old and falling apart.  Living here forces me to live  well below the level of poverty
  • my husband abandoned me with the crushing burden of thousands of dollars of his business debts and enormous business obligations (his horse and dog breeding business – filed as a business loss on his Federal Income Tax Return every year going back to 2004) and not enough money, staff or proper facilities to meet his obligations and still have money for my food, safe housing, medical and dental care.
  • Currently I have no vehicle insurance, both vehicles I have access to are in my husband’s name.  The license tabs for the 14 year old farm truck expired in August of 2015, and the mini van’s license tabs will expire next month.
  • There is no heat on the main floor of this home, there is standing water in the basement, at this time of year the home is so damp the doors on the main floor are swollen shut and can not be opened.
  •   The wiring and plumbing are over 70 years old,  and are so faulty all of the appliances have shorted out. The plumbing does not work, water does not drain properly or takes days to drain, and I have sewage backing up into the tub where I am forced to bathe. see videos of the condition of this home here
  • Over the years  I have gone without food and medical /dental care, so that I can meet the crushing needs of my husband’s extremely expensive obsessions /business obligations.
  • I have been injured dozens of times  by both my husband,  and by the animals, and or the conditions of this home and property.
  • In addition to other disabilities, because of years of physical violence of my husband, and other injuries, I now have Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) which is the result of repeated and traumatic brain injury.  
  •  I never ever ever agreed to live in this home for any length of time, and most especially not if it meant I was essentially abandoned and forced to live here by myself, in poverty,  to care for all of these animals.
  • Insert links to dozens of texts, emails with Arthur – going back years – and most especially from November of 2014 on, and texts, emails and other documents –  with Arthur, the military, Congressional representative, medical doctors and the landlord, wherein I say repeatedly that the horses can not be dumped here, that  I can not be forced to keep all of these animals for a year, that we do not have the facilities, that we can not afford them, that  I am too old to manage them, that I am disabled, that I have been injured and am constantly being injured, and that we do not own the property and the property is not safe or fit for me or these animals.
  • insert texts and phone calls from Arthur in late November of 2014 and early December of 2014 where he references being sued in Moore County by his creditors, for thousands and thousands of dollars, and that I alone will have to defend against these claims against him, because the military policies are allowing Arthur to hide from service of process.

What has happened to me should never have happened. Not to me, not to anyone. My husband is treating me this way by choice, because he is angry at being caught in a decades old patteren of illegal, uneithical and immoral conduct – which has put many American citizens in jail.  For years My husband threatened that he would hurt me if I every spoke about what he was doing.  My husband is  retaliating against me because I told the truth about him.  I am being forced to live in poverty, in a dangerous, unsafe and unfit situation because I “blew the whistle” on my husband.  I am the victim of abuse and the United States Air Force is contributing to harming the victim. Is this the “HONOR” that we hear about from Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter?


III. the USAF is ignoring Conduct Unbecoming an Officer – Illegal Conduct

In addition to ignoring Abuse of A Vulnerable Adult, and years of spousal abuse and domestic violence, the United States Air Force and Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter are ignoring multiple illegal, unethical and immoral acts committed by my husband, that have gotten others court martialed, fined and jailed.

My husband was violent and threatening for years. And for years his military and civilian superiors did absolutely nothing to control him or protect me.  Predictably, my husband’s  violence and abuse escalated, he became bolder, and more threatening.

On October 15, 2014 I spoke to USAF Medical Officer Major Joanne Poole (my husband’s immediate military superior) about issues related to the need to file our 2013 Federal Income Taxes, which were then months late.  When my husband learned that I had spoken to Maj,  Poole, his  threats escalated to include that he would “kill” me.  He also threatened that he was “at war” with me, that he would “destroy me” that I was to “burn in hell,”  that  “misery” is what I deserved, that I had crossed a line by talking about what all he was doing.  At issue were his years of Tax Fraud, Tax Evasion, Insurance Fraud, Breaches of Contract, Moonlighting without permission, plagiarism, theft on his DITY moves, lying on his security clearance, and on an on, going back to 1999.

To be clear, my husband’s criminal conduct is NOT the focus here. Rather, the focus here is on those who allowed it, and in some causes participated in it and / or used my  pain and suffering  for their own malicious agenda[s].

My husband has said that he “loved me until I spoke with the military” and that I needed to “play ball with him” or I would “get nothing.” I would not agree to “play ball” or participate in his illegal enterprises and conduct.  When he did not get his way he became violent and abusive.  He said that he would destroy me and the USAF is helping him do it.

Here is a partial list (reflecting about 10%) of the Military officers and others that I have reached out to over the years, reflecting thousands of attempts to address this, most especially from December of 2014 on. As of January 1, 2016 not one has done a single thing to help. Worse, several have been brutal and malicious in their refusal to help. One or two have actually used the abuse I endure to maliciously defame me and harm me and my property:

President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Senator John McCain, Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Saunders, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump,   Senator Richard Burr, Senator Thom Tillis, Congresswoman Renee Ellmers, Rep Walter Jones, Sen. Kay Hagan, every Republican and Democrat in the US Senate, every social program on planet earth,  Dr. Edwards Yeomans, Dr. Karen Gerancher, Sec of Defense Ashton Carter, Col. Matthew Bartlett – USAF Inspector General’s Office, Mr. Tim Timmons (Deputy Director) -USAF Inspector General’s Office, Retired Rear Admiral Noel Preston, USAF Lt Col Robert Payne Jr., USAF Col. John C Allen, USAF Col. Paul Gorely (sp?),  USAF Col. Louis Martinez, USAF Lt. Col. Elliot Pinero, Tech Sgt Mary L. Rebis, every 800 number for every state and national organization supposedly advocating for victims of Domestic Violence and Abuse, or the elderly, and NOW, the AARP, GLADD, the ABA, the AMA, numerous medical doctors, the American Kennel Club, and the landlord who owns this property.

IV.   United States Air Force Policies that Aid and Abet Abusers, Destroy Marriages,  and Deny civilian spouses their Constitutional Rights

In January of 2015 retired Rear Admiral Noel Preston was the first to warn me that there are ugly dishonorable  secret “policies” within the military, where military buddies helped each other hide things like income, assets and retirement from civilian spouses.  Apparently all my husband had to do was trigger these “policies” and every one of his buddies stepped in to protect him, even though this is NOT ABOUT DIVORCE and never has been. I have not filed for divorce, in fact, in December of 2014 I was still willing to stand by my husband when he was court marshalled, lost his medical license and went to jail. I would have done everything possible to help him with fines and restitution for his conduct.  All I asked was that he connect to a sense of right and wrong, accept responsibility for his conduct and simply start telling the truth. His response was violence, threats, and that I was “pathetic.”

The issues here are ABUSE, Domestic Violence, Spousal Abuse, Abuse of a Vulnerable Adult, and the military “policies” that allowed my husband to do things like hide from Service of Process*

*Service of Process is the necessary formal process by which defendants in any litigation know that a lawsuit is being filed against them.  It is the formal command to appear in court to address an issue.  No court case can go forward if the defendant is not served notice of the process.  When the  USAF refuses to provide an address for service of process, or they provide an address on a military base in another state, the defendant effectively can not be sued. 

Added: my husband is almost 50 years old and has flunked close to a dozen PTs.  He has a long history of morbid obesity (see photos in logo above) and chronic weight related problems like back pain, knee pain, asthma etc. that are the result of over eating and failure to exercise. My husband was not subject to deployment, which would be the only credible reason (under the SCRJA) to allow a military member to postpone a civil hearing.  Given the enormity of my husband’s illegal, unethical and immoral conduct and the abuse and threats, and given what was at stake for me, my health, my life,  and the animals, there is absolutely no credible reason for my husband or the USAF to hide him from accountability and responsibility for his conduct and his obligations. Hiding from service of process is the dishonorable act of a manipulative coward.

  • From December of 2014 to February 25, 2015 and on through to August of 2015 it was impossible for me to bring my husband into court to allow me to appropriately dispose of the ENORMOUS obligations he dumped on me in December of 2014. These obligations were far beyond what I could physically or financially deal with.
  • In early January of 2015-  I sought legal counsel from Ms. Mary McLaughlin Pope, a.k.a. Mary Mac, who is a well respected local attorney and former Superior Court judge. Ms. Pope was very clear that I could not dispose of any of the “community property”  without a court order, nor could I enter into a  contract or agreement  with third parties involving the “community property” because I had direct knowledge of my husband’s illegal, unethical and immoral conduct, and it would be fraud on my part to represent that my husband would honorably fulfill the terms of any contract, when I knew he would not.  Ms. Pope was very clear that I needed an address for service of process for Arthur John Greenwood to get said court order. In front of Ms. Pope, in her office on January 16, 2015 I called USAF Lt Col Elliot Pinero and he (again) refused to provide an address for Service of Process for USAF Medical Officer Arthur John Greenwood.

Trying to deal with the enormous obligations my husband abandoned me with has put my life and health at risk, damaged my property and my health.  I have been in the emergency room half a dozen times since December of 2014 because of injuries sustained trying to meet his obligations.

I live below the level of poverty.  Do you understand what “living below the level of poverty means?  Have you ever gone without food for an extended period of time?

An example:  I went without food in December  of 2014 and had lost fifty pounds by January 1, 2015.  I weighed 99 lbs. on January first.  I am 5’4″ tall and have not weighed 99 lbs. since I was twelve years old.

In that first weak of January of 2015, when  I was weak, exhausted, injured, I texted my husband that I simply could not carry the burden of his enormous obligations, that he had dumped on me, that would result in starvation and death of me and his “farm business animals.”  My husband responded that “misery” was what I deserved, and he then did nothing at all to help.  Other people had to step in that day and pay my husbands bills and provide for his obligations, because my husband – a Medical Officer in the USAF refused to.  He would have let us all starve to death.

I have gone without medical care, heat in the winter or air conditioning the summer?  Have you been forced to live every day in a situation where your life is in danger?

While I have been forced to live in poverty as his barn / kennel help, my husband has lived in a second home,  in relative luxury, partying, going on trips, he has been morbidly obese, while committing adultery, and lying, stealing and cheating his way through life.  He is guilty of Insurance Fraud, Tax Evasion, Theft, numerous breaches of contract. You name it, he’s done it.  He was allowed to illegally moonlight in North Carolina civilian medical clinics, putting the public’s health and safety  in danger. My husband has made a mockery of every vow and oath he has ever taken.

Given  that the United States Military has layers of forms and paperwork just to scratch your nose, what form of paper work did my husband have to file, and with whom,  to trigger all these unethical policies that have forced me to live in poverty, in this unfit, unsafe and dangerous situation?  It is January 2, 2016.  For over a year now I have not been allowed to know where my husband is, or if he’s been allowed to retire  see emails from October of 2014 requesting early retirement, or what his rank is, or if he is in prison, or if was he was promoted. Did he loose his medical license, or was he allowed to sit for and pass his Oral ACOG OBGYN Boards?   I am not allowed to know if he ever filed our 2013 Federal Income Tax Return, or our 2014 Federal Income Tax Return. I do not know his income, or his savings, or credit line, or retirement benefits or anything at all.  I have not filed for divorce or any action against him. And has not filed against me.  Given that I have been denied so many of my rights by the United States Air Force, what is the Military Form that my husband filed to take away all my rights as a spouse?

Also, my husband left behind thousands of dollars of debt and obligation to third parties, many of whom threatened to sue, in Moore County, North Carolina.  Because my husband was hiding from Service of Process, I could not get him to sign off the animals in December of 2014 or early January of 2015, and I alone would have to defend against his  creditors claims  for thousands and thousands of dollars owed,  without funds or the ability to do so. In every respect these heinous cowardly unethical military policies are wrong and should be abolished immediately.


V.  The Websites Requested by the USAF – USAF Medical Officer Maj. Carmen Baxter – Malicious Defamation

On  January 9, 2015 I was told by my husband’s commander -USAF Medical Officer Col Louis Martinez that USAF Medical Officer Lt Col Elliot Pinero  was –  from that time on – the head of a Langley AFB Hospital Command Directed Investigation of my husband’s Abuse and Domestic Violence, and that Lt Col Pinero would address and respond to all of my concerns.  Here is a link to video of Dr. Elliot Pinero a.k.a USAF Lt Col Elliot Pinero’s visit to this home and property on February 5, 2015. VIDEO OF Lt Col Elliot Pinero taken February 5, 2015

Over the course of the next seven to eight months Lt. Col Elliot Pinero and I exchanged hundreds of emails, texts and phone calls. Pinero was informed of dozens of injuries, and numerous ER trips. Pinero was on the phone with me and with First Health Moore Regional Emergency Room on January 26, 2015, when I was seen for one of several head injuries, concussion and possible stroke. Lt Col Pinero knew about the domestic violence, spousal abuse and Abuse of a Vulnerable Adult.  Pinero knew on that day that my military ID had expired in June of 2013 and that the ER was about to deny me medical care.  And, through out the months of communication with Lt. Col Pinero, he was made aware of injuries, including head injuries, concussion and other serious health issues, including the prediction of a fatal “cardiac event.”

Lt. Col Elliot Pinero is a medical doctor.  He is bound by the AMA’s professional code of conduct and his oath as a medical doctor as well as his oath as an officer in the United States Air Force.

Dr. Pinero a.k.a. USAF  Lt. Col Pinero was informed of every injury of mine, for months.  Examples,  Lt. Col Pinero was in text and phone contact with me and the First Health Moore Regional Emergency Room Staff on January 26, 2015, when I suffered a concussion and the ER staff feared I had had a stroke. Pinero knew I was constantly dizzy, nauseated and had headaches, and that I was being bumped and banged around by the horses on a daily basis.

Lt Col.  Pinero knew that I’d fallen off the six foot high Hay stack  (insert video link)  while trying to load 85. lb bales of hay, and I only weight about 100 lbs) on February 23, 2015.  He knew that I had fallen like this many times.  Here is a link to a video made in may, when I was back to a more normal weight of 130 lbs, to give an idea of how difficult it is for me to move the hay regardless of freezing winter temperatures and being near starvation as I was in December of 2014 and January of 2015. VIDEO of me trying to move hay in May of 2015

And  Lt. Col Pinero was in  text and phone contact with me several times  on the evening of February 24, 2015 when I suffered a head injury and concussion,  and again in the morning of February 25, 2015.

Dr. Pinero  repeatedly said that he was trained – both as a military officer and as a medical doctor – to address and respond to Domestic Violence and Abuse, specifically  including Abuse of a Vulnerable Adult.

Lt Col Pinero was at this property and in this home on February 5, 2015.  A portion of this visit was video recorded.  I was told repeatedly by Lt Col Elliot Pinero that he was investigating my husband’s Abuse and Domestic Violence on my behalf.  He repeatedly said that there was  no Victims’ Letter and that my husband was not considered the victim. As a fact, as I sit her on January 1, 2016, it is clear  to me that Lt. Col. Elliot Pinero never told the truth to me about a single substantive thing.

Lt Col Pinero repeatedly asked me to put documents and a narrative on a website, so that he and a USAF JAG Officer Capt. Terry could have access to documents in a PDF or PSD file.

I initially refused, in part because legal counsel had told me to take a first website down.

Specifically, on January 14, 2015, immediately upon taking the first  website off line, within minutes, I got a call from Lt Col Elliott Pinero asking me to put the website back up.  I told Lt Col Pinero that I was torn between the advice of an attorney representing my interests (instructing that I take the website offline) and what Pinero was asking me to do. Pinero insisted that he and his JAG officer co-investigator Captain Terry needed the information on the website.  I called Admiral Preston for advice, he urged that I follow the attorney’s advice.  I then gave Lt. Col Pinero the password and codes to access that site and put it back up if he liked.   Attach email exchanges with Pinero giving him access / passwords to the website.

For the next few weeks Pinero repeatedly urged me to put the  website back on line, which I eventually agreed to do, believing that Pinero was telling me the truth. Back then I believed that military officers had a code of honor, and could not intentionally lie to and mislead me.  I believed that Pinero  was actually seeking information to pursue the facts and the truth, on my behalf and in the interest of holding Arthur accountable.

And, I had been repeatedly told that I had no other choice but to cooperate with Lt. Col Pinero, in part because I could not get my husband into a civilian court to address any of this, and in large part because I was told that my husband was the property of the USAF – that is, if he was still in the USAF, which I was not sure of – because I was not allowed to know where my husband was. I was even told by some, including my husbands direct Commander USAF Col Louis Martinez, that they actually did not know where my husband was for much of December of 2014 and January of 2015.  (link ER records of January 26, 2015)

In all, the military gave conflicting information about whether or not my husband had been allowed to retire.  E.g., in his phone message to me on January 5, 2015, (insert  YouTube link to recording of phone message) USAF Col Paul Gorely refers to Arthur as “Major Greenwood” and then says, “Correction, Lt Col Greenwood.”  And, in the late evening of January 12, 2015 I was told by “Vicky” who is on the staff of the Langley AFB Hospital Commander Col Wayne Pritt, that my husband had been promoted to Lt Col and been allowed to retire.  Vicky openly mocked me, saying that I was a “fool” for ever believing them, that they were doing nothing and that I should have gone to the police back on October 15, 2014 when Arthur had threatened to kill me for speaking with Major Poole.

Here is a link to the first part of the visit of Lt Col Elliot Pinero on February 5, 2015.

Because of the insistence of Lt Col Pinero, I eventually agreed to put up a website, so that he had a narrative to reference and access to pdf files and documents.  More than once Lt Col Pinero requested that I give him original documets in my possession. Given that Pinero revealed himself to be utterly incompetent (insert his May of 2015 admission that he needed to start the investigation over because he had screwed  it up completely), given that in seven months Pinero NEVER contacted any witness with direct knowledge of substantive facts, given that as a medical doctor he ignored serious risks to my life, health and safety, given that he allowed Dr. Baxter to use the information Pinero requested to defame and harm me, and  given that Pinero completely disappeared in June of 2015, it would have been a HUGE mistake to have given Pinero  original  documents. Had I done so,  I would now be in a position of not being able to defend or assert ANY of my rights.  I wonder now if Pinero’s true intent all along was to leave me with no way to defend myself at all. If so, that is Conduct Unbecoming an Officer. And failing go provide medical help for the head injuries, and failing to report clear evidence of ABUSE is medical mal practice, it violated military code and is in EVERY conceivable way Conduct Unbecoming An Officer.

Here is a link to one of the websites.  There was so much information, it actually is on several domain names /websites, which are all linked together.  I had a password protection on these websites, but in mid February of 2015 Lt Col Pinero asked me to remove the password, which made this information available to the public.

These websites were only about 20% complete, when, on or about February  20, 2015, the information about abuse I suffer and had suffered, that I provided for the USAF investigation,  was used by a USAF Medical officer to maliciously harm and defame me. Specifically, on or about February 20, 2015  USAF Medical Officer Major Carmen Baxter (who has a personal relationship with my husband that involved inappropriate conduct) took two of the videos from the website I made for Lt Col Pinero, under a tab on SPOUSAL ABUSE, and Dr. Baxter materially altered the two videos, to maliciously and falsely claim that I agreed with the living conditions of this home and this nightmare situation, and then Dr./Maj. Carmen Baxter disseminated her malicious, false and defamatory accusations to third parties, using her military email account, with her rank and profession. (see copy of Baxter email)  As a result, and as Baxter intended,  I was harmed and my property was damaged. Note, as a medical doctor Dr. Carmen Baxter took an Oath to “First Do No Harm.: As a military officer Maj. Carmen Baxter took an Oath to act with HONOR.  She utterly defiled both oaths and is a disgrace as a medical doctor and a military officer.

I have not touched these websites since February of 2015.  They are preserved so that the conduct of  USAF Lt Col Elliott Pinero and  USAF Medical Officer Carmen  Baxter can be addressed.

For months after February of 2015, Lt. Col. Pinero was informed of my injuries. During this time Lt Col. Pinero repeatedly asked me to put more information up on the websites,  and he was asking for more documents.  These requests continued until June of 2015.    Over time it became very clear that Lt. Col Pinero was ignoring all witnesses with direct knowledge of the facts, and his investigation was a farce, as Rear Admiral Noel Preston had warned.

In March of 2015 I was contacted by OSI agents including Agent X Griffith.   Insert emails and calls.  Here is a link to OSI Agent Griffith on march 18, 2015  VIDEO of OSI Agent Griffith on March 18, 2015    Agent Griffith and his colleague began with an almost comical “we’re cool special agents” demeanor and in the end were playing with Warkant and the stallion. I never heard from them, they never followed up on looking at any evidence, and repeatedly indicated they utterly lacked the life experience to understand even basic real world facts like: No business can claim ten years of business losses in a row. Doing so is Tax Fraud and very likely Tax Evasion on its face. They never investigated plagiarism, breach of contract, insurance fraud or any claim.  Instead, they played with the dog.  I completely understand why they refused to be filmed. They would not want to be held accountable for doing  nothing.


VI. The Unique Role of the United States Congress

Here is why  Congress comes in to this.

Rear Admiral Noel Preston rightly pointed out that Congress is the only entity that can demand  a full open PUBLIC hearing to review  the policies and conduct that allowed this entire situation.  Not only has my husband been allowed to get away with over a decade of illegal, unethical and immoral conduct, but  he is actually being aided, encouraged and / or protected by his buddies in the military. And I have been injured, defamed, and harmed in the process.


VII. These unethical military policies deny civilian spouses their Constitutional right to Redress of grievances

The US Air Force (and very likely other branches of the military) have these ugly dishonorable “policies” that instruct officers to do unethical things like hide from Service of Process. They even have policies that instruct officers to hide marital assets, income, retirement etc.  These unethical policies deny a spouse (especially a civilian spouse) every legal right, including First Amendment  and 14th Amendment due process rights to use the courts of this country for redress of grievances.

VIII. Other Stray Facts

I am not allowed to know where my husband is.

I have not filed for divorce, and as of January I, 2016, neither has he. And at this point is it irrelevant if he does or not.

The Moore County Sherriff could not serve a Warrant for Arrest issued on January 13, 2015,  for Arthur John Greenwood,  for communicating threats (including threats to kill me), because the military refused to provide an address where Arthur John Greenwood could be served.

Back in December of 2014 and January of 2015, when it made all the difference in the world to my health, safety, financial security, and my life itself,  the USAF was aiding and abetting my husband in hiding from service of process. Not only have in been permanently damaged by the injuries I have sustained here, I have completely exhausted my financial resources in trying to meet the obligations that Arthur waltzed away from.


IX. Only Congress can work to change these military policies

I have turned to thousands  of individuals and groups, here in this state and across this country.   For a variety of reasons, none can help.  Ultimately my husband is considered the property of the United States Air Force and only the military or Congress have any impact on the conduct that led to this abuse.

President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Johan McCain,  Senator Richard Burr , Senator Thom Tillis and others have a duty to address this issue, because thousands of civilian spouses are being harmed by these unethical policies.  And, in my case it goes further.  Arthur was allow to illegally moonlight for years and years, and that put the citizens of North Carolina at risk.

In 2013 a North Carolina citizen filed a complaint with the North Carolina Medical Board against Dr. Arthur John Greenwood for verbally abusing a female patient. Arthur saw this woman at an urgent care clinic in North Carolina.  The woman was pregnant with her second child.  She has diabetes and could not afford her medication.  Arthur was disgusted with her and berated her for “killing” her first child, which reduced this woman to tears.   Arthur should never have seen this patient. He was moonlighting illegally in the urgent care clinic where he saw her.

Predictably, the North Carolina Medical Board did nothing at all to discover that Arthur was moonlighting illegally at the time he saw this patient, and the USAF never learned of the incident until January of 2015.  To this day, they have done nothing.

In all, Arthur earned about $250,000.00 (two hundred and fifty thousand dollars) moonlighting illegally from 2004 – 2015.  Moonlighting does not pay well and that sum represents a HUGE number of hours.  Moonlighting was specifically prohibited by his civilian residency contract.  And it is not allowed by military officers without permission.  So, while he was moonlighting  illegally,  Arthur was in breach of numerous contracts (including contracts he’d signed with the temp companies who found jobs for him). Moonlighting  put Dr. Greenwood’s patients lives at risk, if only because he was lying about the number of hours he was working.  In fact, he consistently lied about the number of hours he was working.  The Insurance liability alone is staggering.

In fact, for months after the USAF knew what was going on – i.e., from December of 2014 through May of 2015 –  Arthur was allowed to continue to moonlight in North Carolina clinics staffed by Physicians Solutions, Carolina Locum Resources d.b.a. CLR, and or Wake Forest University Medical Center, which put North Carolina citizens at risk.

And going back years earlier, when Dr. Karen Gerancher the Wake Forest Baptist University OBGYN Residency Director failed to act on her knowledge of Arthur’s conduct, Dr. Gerancher  put thousands of Wake Forest Baptist University and Forsyth Medical Center patients at risk.

The statute of limitations for this liability is ten years, might even be twenty depending upon the circumstances. And believe me, I will provide evidence to any plaintiff who is/ was harmed, of who knew what, when, and failed to act.

X. Gross Incompetence of Congress – e.g. Congresswoman Renee Ellmers

In June of 2015, after it was clear that Lt. Col. Pinero had simply lied to me for months and months,  I had no choice but to turn to my North Carolina Congressional Representatives –  including Congresswoman Renee Ellmers. To be kind, Renee Ellmers should not hold elected office, she is not fit to serve her constituents.   After about 50 emails with Congresswoman Ellmers’ staff, over a period of months,  beginning in late June of 2015, when I was at times injured, sick, and /or living in my van because the home was over 100 degrees, with no air conditioning, I was lead to believe that Congresswoman Ellmers’ staff was handling this situation for me and that they were competent to handle it. In fact, I was told repeatedly that because of where I was being forced to live,  I had to go through Ellmers because she was the US House of Representatives member for that district.

In November of 2015 I learned that after months of “investigation” Congresswoman’s Ellmers idea of “help” was to contact The Moore County Kennel Club, which she pathetically must have thought was a government agency. I had been a member of the Moore County Kennel Club for ten years.  It is a social club of about 20 active members, who are mostly women over 70 years old, who meet at a local  restaurant once a month for dinner, and once a year they put on a dog show.  The Moore County Kennel Club is a private social club and has absolutely nothing at all to do with impacting any substantive issue I face.  It is appalling that Congresswoman Ellmers had no clue who she was dismissing me to. She also turned to “the Regional AKC office” which simply does not  exist.  The only correspondence I received from the AKC after they were contacted by Congresswoman Ellmers was that I was suspended and fined.

It is beyond understanding how a United States Congresswoman – Ms. Renee Ellmers — could so utterly and completely lack any understanding of her job, or of the complex series of issues, and the importance of these unethical and noxious military “policies” which harm innocent civilian spouses,  and of the role that our Congressional representatives undertake when they run for office and seek our vote.

Congresswomen Ellmers is notable for saying that “women are not capable of understanding things like pie-charts, so men in Congress should dumb-down what they say when speaking to the women in Congress.” (insert link to YouTube video).  Ellmers is every bit as incompetent and idiotic as one would expect of a woman making the comment she made. Ellmers and her staff are pathetic and voters in North Carolina should pay attention to her inability to act to protect me and the citizens of this state.

Ellmers is just one of many state and national politicians who have done absolutely noting about this. Seems that our politicians these days have no clue that their job is to make, review and respond to matters of public policy which put the public at risk.