Moore County Magistrate

The Moore County Magistrate issued a Warrant for Arrest of Arthur John Greenwood for Communicating Threats on or about January 13, 2015, that could no be served because Arthur and the Langley Air Force Base Hospital Command refused to provide an address for Service of Process, even though Arthur was allowed to continue to moonlight in civilian North Carolina clinics until at least May of 2015.

Hiding from Service of Process allowed Arthur to hide from bill collectors for thousands and thousands of dollars of debt (which was all dumped on me),  and it allowed Arthur to hide from any accountability to thousands of North Carolina citizens who were the OBGYN patients of Dr. Arthur Greenwood’s when  he did a civilian OBGYN Residency at  Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and Forsyth Medical Center from 2009 through 2012. Hiding from Service of Process made it impossible for me to get legal authority (per Mary McLaughlin Pope) to sell some of the community property (e.g. some of the 19 Dobermans and eight  horses Arthur dumped on me in December of 2014).