Warrant for the Arrest of Dr. Arthur John Greenwood

On or about January 13, 2015 the Moore County, North Carolina Magistrate issued a Warrant for Arrest of Dr. Arthur John Greenwood a.k.a. USAF Maj. Arthur John Greenwood, for Communicating Threats.

 Threats related to my reporting years of Dr. Arthur John Greenwood’s  fraud and tax evasion, pandering, illegal moonlighting, lying on security clearances, disobeying direct orders, insurance fraud, theft from the USAF, domestic violence, spousal abuse,  physical and emotional abuse, and threats to harm me, included threatening to ” fucking kill” me.

Major Greenwood’s chain of command was immediately informed of the  arrest warrant, and refused to allowed it to be served.  The arrest warrant   could not be served because Arthur and the Langley Air Force Base Hospital Command refused to provide an address for Service of Process. USAF Maj. Arthur John Greenwood’s chain of command refused to even tell me or my attorney where Arthur was stationed, or if he had been allowed to retire.

In truth it is now known that Dr.  Arthur Greenwood was allowed to continue to moonlight in civilian North Carolina urgent care clinics until at least May of 2015, while evading a warrant for his arrest for domestic violence and death threats  in Moore County, North Carolina.

The arrest warrant was based upon probable cause to believe that a crime or crimes had been committed by Dr. Greenwood.  An arrest warrant is a criminal matter. It is not a frivolous or trivial matter and it embodies the due process rights of victim’s of crime.

Dr. Arthur Greenwood’s Langly AFBase Women’s Clinic chain of command did not have the right to allow and or instruct USAF Maj Arthur Greenwood to hide from service of process for a warrant for his arrest.

Hiding from Service of Process denied me my due process rights.

Hiding from service of process allowed Arthur to hide from bill collectors for thousands and thousands of dollars of debt (which was all dumped on me).

Hiding from service of process allowed Dr. Arthur Greenwood  to hide from any accountability to thousands of North Carolina citizens who were the OBGYN patients of Dr. Arthur Greenwood’s when  he did a civilian OBGYN Residency at  Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and Forsyth Medical Center from 2009 through 2012.