Moonlighting Illegally

Documents related to illegal  moonlighting of  Dr. Arthur John Greenwood, OBGYN, a.k.a. USAF Maj. Arthur John Greenwood can be found at this link  moonlighting illegally.

In all  USAF Maj. Arthur John Greenwopd earned almost $250,000.00 (two hundred and fifty thousand dollars) from moonlighting illegally.

During this time Dr. Arthur John Greenwood treated thousands of civilian patients in medical clinics all across North Carolina, including medical clinics staffed by Physicians Solutions, Carolina Locum Resources, and Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center.

While illegally moonlighting Dr. Arthur Greenwood systematically denied thousands of civilian North Carolina patients who were victims of violence and abuse their due process rights, because Dr. Greenwood did not and would not report violence and abuse –  because doing so would call attention to the fact that he was illegally moonlighting, especially on such a massive scale – would have gotten him fired from the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center OBGYN Residency Program   and or court martialed for disobeying direct USAF orders which forbid moonlighting.

The risk to patients and the medical malpractice exposure from USAF Maj. Arthur John Greenwood’s illegal moonlighting can easily include over 25,000 patients, and may not be discovered for 10 to 20 years.

The  unethical secret United States Air Force policies that allowed Arthur to hide from Service of Process also did nothing to protect thousands of North Carolina civilian medical patients who paid for services at urgent care clinics which employed Dr. Arthur John Greenwood from 2003 through 2015.

The North Carolina Medical Board and the United States Congress need to act,  to expose and then abolish the unethical secret military policies, and other policies and practices which harm the public, most especially harming victims of domestic violence, spousal abuse and abuse of a vulnerable adult.