2015 May 25 videos from when the horse slammed me into the fence post

Before the horses were dumped on me, dumped into my sole care and custody, over my objections,  I repeatedly tod Arthur that I could not possibly care of all 19 Dobermans and eight horses.  Arthur himself had made a sworn statement to the US Air Force in October of 2014 formally requesting early retirement, saying that the two old mares and six adult Dobermans were too much for “his wife” to care for and that  he should be allowed early retirement.

And then out of anger and sheer vile ugly revenge, and a desire to “destroy” me because “misery is what I deserved” Arthur abandoned me with 19 Dobermans and had all of the horses dumped here, totally eight. When we did not have safe or fit facilities for any of them.

On the evening of may 25, 2015 I ended up (yet again) at the  First Health Moore Regional Emergency Room. I was in extreme pain because the stallion had slammed me into the gate post. A few days ago I saw that I had actually made some video at the time.  The Frist Health Moore Regional absolutely refused to even consider that the pain was anything but a pending fatal cardiac episode. If you read my medical file from the ER on that day, the ER Doctor Dr. Tucich described it as being “bumped by a horse” and nothing I could say to Dr. Tucich about  what had actually happened ever got through to him.

The Background:

  • I was in pain earlier that morning (from what is likely esophageal cancer or an uncle of the esophagus). I  had been slow to get down to the barn to put out the stallion.
  • Stallions are creatures of habit, and they pretty much demand that you stick to a routine.
  • And, it was spring, the all the mares are all cycling.
  • So, this otherwise lovely stallion was very hormonal and extremely inpatient from being denied access to his mares.
  • By the time I got to the stallion he was upset with me.
  • As I walked him through the gate to the paddock he let me know how mad he was with me by using the full force of his 1,000 lbs. body to slam me into the gate post.
  • The gate posts are 10″ solid full-round posts, eight feet long, with 3 feet of their length buried solidly in the ground, with the aid of an auger attached to a small skid steer.
  • The effect of being slammed into the gate post is like hitting a concrete wall, and this is how I described what the stallion had done when I spoke with Dr. Peter A Tucich in the Emergency Room at First Health Moore Regional on the evening of April 25, 2015.
  • And in his arrogance and ageist, misogynist stereotype-based ignorance, Dr. Tucich wrote in the chart that I had been “bumped by a horse.”




this is video from a different day, to show the stallion and the mares and the situation.