2014 Arthur’s Requests for Early Retirement

Note: I am in fact disabled, but the disability [ies] are  much more severe than what Dr. Greenwood claimed in October of 2014. At this point in time, for the purposes of denying me 50% of his income, which is the only asset in our marriage,  Dr. Greenwood denies that I am disabled, which makes his sworn statements to the USAF “intentional “fraud” and perjury. 

In October of 2014 USAF Major Arthur John Greenwood formally requested Early Retirement from the USAF, asserting under oath to the Air Force that he needed to be allowed to retire because his wife (me) was disabled and could no longer manage Logres Farm without his help.

Arthur asserted that he needed to be allowed to retire early so that he could come home and help me care for the two old mares and six permanent Doberman residents living on this property.

Here are photos of the condition on my hands and feet that Arthur described as a “disability” in his sworn statement to the United States Air Force in November of 2014.

Some of these were in the photos were attached to Arthur’s USAF Early Retirement Request of November 2014, some were sent to Martinez in an email on January 9, 2015, others were taken before or since.  This condition is chronic, extremely painful and  not responsive to treatment of any kind.

right palm and thumb Nov 2013 middle finger IMG_4583 IMG_4569 IMG_4284 IMG_4278 IMG_3236 hands on Aug 22 2015 2015 June 16 hands III 2015 July 16 palmx 2015 July 16 thumb 2015 April 28 left index finger 2015 April 28 hands x - Copy 2015 April 6 hand one 2015 April 6 fingers 2015 July 16 hand x

A few weeks later, in early December of 2014, Arthur dumped six horses on this rental property,  including a stallion, a pregnant mare, a 2014 filly and a nursing mare, and other mares on this property.

Here are photos of the equine facilities we had on this property in December of 2014  when these horses were dumped here.     XXX

Arthur then told me that the Logres Farm animals were now in my “Care and Custody”  which I have learned means t hat I am guilty of Felony Animal Abuse if the care falls short of what the animals need.

In all In December of 2014 Dr. Arthur John Greenwood left me to provide care, food, shelter and veterinary care for eight horses and  nineteen of the Dobermans.

Arthur then hid from Service of Process. His plan was that he would waltz back into the picture at some point, file for divorce, and if the horses were still alive, he intended to take the mares Lourdess and Jewells.

It costs over $200 a day to feed and care for all of the animals here. That sum does NOT include veterinary care for injuries, teeth, vaccinations, worming and other routine maintenance  of the property, nor does it include the cost of staff to care for all of these animals

No one person could possibly care for eight horses including a breeding stallion, and nineteen Dobermans.  Dr. Arthur Greenwood knew this better than anyone.  It was cruel, inhuman and abuse to force all of these animals on  me.



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Division of Military Retirement pay

From: Elaine Greenwood (logresfarm@gmail.com)
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On Thu, Nov 27, 2014 at 12:20 PM,

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I think you will find this helpful as it has important information about ensuring that you get your share of my retirement pay. Also, with respect to alimony in NC I think you will find it very favorable for you. The judge will take into consideration infidelity in the marriage as well as your contribution to my earning potential. Before attempting to destroy my earning potential you should talk to a lawyer. I would think if you play your cards right, your financial security will be taken care of and you will not have to put up with me in your life.

Talk to a lawyer and explore your options.



My response to Arthur:

The vows we took were before God, the oaths you took were to God and the United States military.

I have given everything to this marriage, every day, from the moment I get up to the moment I collapse in sheer exhaustion at night. I have never given up on the vows I took , no matter the pain, no matter how hard life has been for me, no matter how much hell you have put me through

I will not participate in reducing the last two decades of my life to some attorneys fighting about money.