Hiding From Service of Process

United States Air Force unethical secret policies that aid and abet Abusers, and deny civilian spouses, bill collectors, medical patients, and thousands of other American citizens their due process rights

In January of 2015 retired Rear Admiral Noel Preston was the first to warn me that there are ugly dishonorable  “secret policies” within the military, where military Officers / buddies helped each other hide things like income, assets and retirement from civilian spouses.  And the Medical Corp is the worst, because most Military Doctors are “not military” strictly speaking.  Rather, they are commissioned an Officer as soon as they are accepted to medical school, regardless of whether they have ever served.

Apparently all my husband had to do was trigger these “policies” and all his military medical officer buddies stepped in to protect him, even though this is  NOT ABOUT DIVORCE and never has been.

I have not filed for divorce, in fact, in December of 2014 I was still willing to stand by my husband when he was court martialed, lost his medical license and went to jail for tax evasion, tax fraud, insurance fraud, and theft.  I would have done everything possible to help him pay fines and make restitution for his conduct.  All I asked was that Arthur connect to a sense of right and wrong, accept responsibility for his conduct, stop the violence,  and simply start telling the truth. Arthur’s response was violence, threats, and that I was “pathetic.”

USAF Medical Officer Col. Louis Martinez was Arthur’s Commanding Officer.

On January 9, 2015 USAF Col Louis Martinez called me and told me that the Langley Eustis Hospital Command had appointed someone to investigate all of this, to be my advocate, and  that I was to speak only to this Investigator.

On January 14, 2015 I was contacted by   USAF Medical Officer Lt. Col. Elliot Pinero

Looking back, it is clear that USAF Lt Col Elliott Pinero and the Chain of Command at the Langley AF Base lied to me, mislead me, coerced me, and or  took it upon themselves to terminate all of my legal rights, and force me to have to stay in this unfit, unsafe and dangerous living situation, with no recourse of any kind except to appeal to them.   They did nothing to protect me, my health, my safety or my property, all while hiding behind secret unethical military policies that are Unbecoming a Military Officer on their face.

Without question there have been many grave consequences of these unethical military policy for me personally, and to my property:

  • I am 62 years old, disabled, and Arthur  controls 100% of our finances. I have been forced to live in an unfit, unsafe and dangerous situation. I have been injured repeatedly, been in the Emergency Room many times, and now have a progressive, untreatable and terminal condition, which was caused by injuries sustained because of how I have been forced to live.
  • We have no credit, no savings, we own no property, and I have not worked outside the home for twenty years.
  • In late November of 2014  Arthur  left me with thousands and thousands of  dollars owed to his creditors, which he then refused to pay.
  • We had creditors threatening to sue, and Arthur was allowed to hide from service of process, leaving me alone to defend against or face these creditors, with no savings, no credit, no income, no financial resources of any kind, except what my husband decided to dribble into a joint bank account, which he used to threaten, harass and bully me.
  • Arthur continually  threatened that he would only put money in the account  if I “played ball” with him.
  • On a whim, at any time he could refuse to deposit any money and or remove all the money form the account.
  • This put me at risk of not being able to provide for the nineteen Dobermans and eight horses that he abandoned to me, which could result in me being charged with felony animal abuse.
  • In November of 2014 I was left with the enormous obligation for 19 show Dobermans,
  • In December of 2014  over my strong objections, Arthur had our horses dumped here on this property, in total eight including a stallion and mares, when Arthur knew that there were no facilities or resources to provide for the horses.
  • Arthur forwarded our mail, including everything with his name on it, including vehicle resignations and our insurance without my knowledge
  • Our vehicles are in his name.
  • Arthur allowed the license tabs on the farm truck (vital for going to the dump and moving hay)  to expire in August of 2015.
  • Arthur let the van license tabs expire in Feb of 2016
  • In January of 2016 he canceled the vehicle insurance
  •  Both vehicles are in Arthur’s  name and the tabs can not be renewed.
  • Arthur left me in November of 2014 with thousands  and thousands of dollars of debt, and enormous obligations he had created and then abandoned.
  • In December of 2014 he was saying that I had to keep all of the animals for a year
  • In June of 2015 he stopped providing anything at all for the animals
  • Back in December of 2014 the horses – who had been living at the trainers for years – were healthy enough to be given away or sold.
  • But back when that was a possibility, Arthur was allowed to hide from Service of Process.
  • So, the US Air Force thinks it is okay for a Military Officer to force his wife into poverty, as lnow as someone says the magic word “DIVORCE.”
  • I have no vehicle
  • I can not afford the deductible on my health insurance
  • I have prescription medication that I take daily, that will run out on June 19, 2016. My doctor dropped me because I can not pay the outstanding balance on the deductible, and he will not accept self pay.
  • I have a court hearing on June 27, 2016, where I am representing myself against Arthur because I can not afford an attorney
  • I have esophageal cancer or an ulcer of the esophagus which I can not afford to have treated.
  • I have not had any regular medical care at any time during our marriage because we cloud never afford it
  • It will be 100 degrees soon. There is no air conditioning in this run down rental death trap
  • Last summer I slept in the van because I could use the air conditioner in the van, but that no longer works