USAF Col. Louis Martinez

Please be patient – it will take weeks to add all of the emails, texts and audio recordings from and to USAF Medical Officer Col Louis Martinez.  I never thought any of this would be necessary, and I  will update this page as I go.

Here is a link to emails with text and photo attachments from and to USAF Med Officer Col. Louis Martinez in January of 2015, which includes discussions domestic violence, spousal abuse, Abuse of a Vulnerable Adult, all of USAF Maj Arthur John Greenwoods illegal, unethical and immoral conduct.  There are discussions about the conditions of this home and horses and dogs running out of food on January 9, 2015, and that a third party had to purchase food for the dogs and horses at that time,  and why.

USAF Medical Officer Col. Louis Martinez was my husband’s commander.

In late December of 2014, after hundreds of calls to the military, I was told I was to deal with USAF Col. Louis Martinez.  I spoke with USAF Col Louis Martinez  by phone,  text and email.  Though he offered all sorts of assurances and promises, in the end Col. Martinez did absolutely nothing at all to protect  me, the animals or keep me safe.  In fact, though USAF Col Louis Martinez  knew about it in advance, he stood idly by as I ran completely out of food for the animals and myself on January 9, 2015, and he did absolutely nothing.

I believe Dr. Louis Martinez holds a medical license in North Carolina.

  • Martinez told me he had considered a court martial  / dishonorable discharge of Arthur in August of 2013 when – because of Arthur’s chronic obesity / failing about a dozen PT’s.
  • Arthur was furious with Martinez after Martinez had let a Tech Sergeant order Arthur to stand at attention (forcing Arthur to try to hold in his gut) for half an hour or so, while Martinez read Arthur the riot act on military fitness / obesity … and  threatened to send Arthur to Officer Boot Camp for 6 weeks to refresh his knowledge of military conduct required of an officer.
  • Arthur felt that Martinez was a substandard doctor and an ignorant boob and he wanted to get even with Martinez.
  • So, in October of 2015 when Arthur was contacted by his travel buddy / co-worker /subordinate / personal friend – USAF Medical Officer Major Carmen Baxter – it was extremely inappropriate for Arthur to get personally involved in Baxter’s scheme against Martinez (who had written a formal Letter of Admonishment of Baxter).  This saga makes soap opera seem tame and dull by comparison.