unethical secret USAF policies

United States Air Force Policies that Aid and Abet Abusers, Destroy Marriages,  and Deny civilian spouses their Constitutional Rights



United States Air Force Policies that Aid and Abet Abusers, Destroy Marriages,  and Deny civilian spouses their Constitutional Rights

In January of 2015 retired Rear Admiral Noel Preston was the first to warn me that there are ugly dishonorable  secret “policies” within the military, where military buddies helped each other hide things like income, assets and retirement from civilian spouses.  Apparently all my husband had to do was trigger these “policies” and every one of his buddies stepped in to protect him, even though this is NOT ABOUT DIVORCE and never has been. I have not filed for divorce, in fact, in December of 2014 I was still willing to stand by my husband when he was court marshalled, lost his medical license and went to jail. I would have done everything possible to help him with fines and restitution for his conduct.  All I asked was that he connect to a sense of right and wrong, accept responsibility for his conduct and simply start telling the truth. His response was violence, threats, and that I was “pathetic.”

The issues here are ABUSE, Domestic Violence, Spousal Abuse, Abuse of a Vulnerable Adult, and the military “policies” that allowed my husband to do things like hide from Service of Process*

*Service of Process is the necessary formal process by which defendants in any litigation know that a lawsuit is being filed against them.  It is the formal command to appear in court to address an issue.  No court case can go forward if the defendant is not served notice of the process.  When the  USAF refuses to provide an address for service of process, or they provide an address on a military base in another state, the defendant effectively can not be sued. 

Added: my husband is almost 50 years old and has flunked close to a dozen PTs.  He has a long history of morbid obesity (see photos in logo above) and chronic weight related problems like back pain, knee pain, asthma etc. that are the result of over eating and failure to exercise. My husband was not subject to deployment, which would be the only credible reason (under the SCRJA) to allow a military member to postpone a civil hearing.  Given the enormity of my husband’s illegal, unethical and immoral conduct and the abuse and threats, and given what was at stake for me, my health, my life,  and the animals, there is absolutely no credible reason for my husband or the USAF to hide him from accountability and responsibility for his conduct and his obligations. Hiding from service of process is the dishonorable act of a manipulative coward.

  • From December of 2014 to February 25, 2015 and on through to August of 2015 it was impossible for me to bring my husband into court to allow me to appropriately dispose of the ENORMOUS obligations he dumped on me in December of 2014. These obligations were far beyond what I could physically or financially deal with.
  • In early January of 2015-  I sought legal counsel from Ms. Mary McLaughlin Pope, a.k.a. Mary Mac, who is a well respected local attorney and former Superior Court judge. Ms. Pope was very clear that I could not dispose of any of the “community property”  without a court order, nor could I enter into a  contract or agreement  with third parties involving the “community property” because I had direct knowledge of my husband’s illegal, unethical and immoral conduct, and it would be fraud on my part to represent that my husband would honorably fulfill the terms of any contract, when I knew he would not.  Ms. Pope was very clear that I needed an address for service of process for Arthur John Greenwood to get said court order. In front of Ms. Pope, in her office on January 16, 2015 I called USAF Lt Col Elliot Pinero and he (again) refused to provide an address for Service of Process for USAF Medical Officer Arthur John Greenwood.

Trying to deal with the enormous obligations my husband abandoned me with has put my life and health at risk, damaged my property and my health.  I have been in the emergency room half a dozen times since December of 2014 because of injuries sustained trying to meet his obligations.

I live below the level of poverty.  Do you understand what “living below the level of poverty means?  Have you ever gone without food for an extended period of time?

An example:  I went without food in December  of 2014 and had lost fifty pounds by January 1, 2015.  I weighed 99 lbs. on January first.  I am 5’4″ tall and have not weighed 99 lbs. since I was twelve years old.

In that first weak of January of 2015, when  I was weak, exhausted, injured, I texted my husband that I simply could not carry the burden of his enormous obligations, that he had dumped on me, that would result in starvation and death of me and his “farm business animals.”  My husband responded that “misery” was what I deserved, and he then did nothing at all to help.  Other people had to step in that day and pay my husbands bills and provide for his obligations, because my husband – a Medical Officer in the USAF refused to.  He would have let us all starve to death.

I have gone without medical care, heat in the winter or air conditioning the summer?  Have you been forced to live every day in a situation where your life is in danger?

While I have been forced to live in poverty as his barn / kennel help, my husband has lived in a second home,  in relative luxury, partying, going on trips, he has been morbidly obese, while committing adultery, and lying, stealing and cheating his way through life.  He is guilty of Insurance Fraud, Tax Evasion, Theft, numerous breaches of contract. You name it, he’s done it.  He was allowed to illegally moonlight in North Carolina civilian medical clinics, putting the public’s health and safety  in danger. My husband has made a mockery of every vow and oath he has ever taken.

Given  that the United States Military has layers of forms and paperwork just to scratch your nose, what form of paper work did my husband have to file, and with whom,  to trigger all these unethical policies that have forced me to live in poverty, in this unfit, unsafe and dangerous situation?  It is January 2, 2016.  For over a year now I have not been allowed to know where my husband is, or if he’s been allowed to retire  see emails from October of 2014 requesting early retirement, or what his rank is, or if he is in prison, or if was he was promoted. Did he loose his medical license, or was he allowed to sit for and pass his Oral ACOG OBGYN Boards?   I am not allowed to know if he ever filed our 2013 Federal Income Tax Return, or our 2014 Federal Income Tax Return. I do not know his income, or his savings, or credit line, or retirement benefits or anything at all.  I have not filed for divorce or any action against him. And has not filed against me.  Given that I have been denied so many of my rights by the United States Air Force, what is the Military Form that my husband filed to take away all my rights as a spouse?

Also, my husband left behind thousands of dollars of debt and obligation to third parties, many of whom threatened to sue, in Moore County, North Carolina.  Because my husband was hiding from Service of Process, I could not get him to sign off the animals in December of 2014 or early January of 2015, and I alone would have to defend against his  creditors claims  for thousands and thousands of dollars owed,  without funds or the ability to do so. In every respect these heinous cowardly unethical military policies are wrong and should be abolished immediately.