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June 23, 2016 Re: no food, no medicine, no air conditioning

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Warkant’s Eulogy – May 2015

Warkant’s Eulogy – God’s gift is that I have forgotten May 2015 I thank God every day for the strength and courage he has given me. With God’s Read more […]

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The USAF CDI investigation was abuse in and of itself

For years Arthur John Greenwood threatened that if I ever spoke about what he was doing he would destroy me, that he was at war with me, that he would Read more […]

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I am guilty of felony animal abuse if the Logres Farm animals starve

Attorney’s have told me that once Arthur dumped all the horses here, and then simply walked away from the Logres Farm Business, which in December of 2014 Read more […]

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Langley USAF Medical Officers failed to report Abuse

These United States Air Force Hospital Chain of Command is made up mostly of medical doctors, who are biding their time until their “payback” is fulfilled, Read more […]

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Together since 1997 – Married in 2000

I have been with Arthur since 1997, when he was an undergraduate at the University Of Washington. We married in 2000, the summer of his first year in medical Read more […]

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Arthur’s Obsession with Breeding horses and dogs

Arthur defaulted on his child support, for his three small children from his fist marriage. They were 6, 7 and 8 years old. In June of 1999,  Arthur Read more […]

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Having horses dumped on this rental property over my objections

Back in December of 2014, Arthur walked away from his responsibilities for the Logres Farm Business.  About a month AFTER he left he had all of the Read more […]

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