Nov. 3, 2015 MC Sheriff’s Office

Moore County, North Carolina Sheriff Officer Lieutenant Patrol Division Jesse Robbins was in this home on the evening of November 3, 2015. He said it was because of a request from Congresswoman Ellmer’s office.

Robbins stayed about 40 minutes, looked in the main floor bathroom / laundry room, he looked at the living room, and at the standing water in the basement.  He took photos and then sat in the main floor kitchen – on the phone with his command – trying to rearrange his vacation schedule or his days off.

I waited patiently for Lt. Robbins  to get off the phone. In every way it felt like I was an intrusion in his busy life.  At one point  – when he was on hold in his call about trading days off with a co-worker –  Robbins mentioned that he had been in the military and that Arthur’s Commander would never allow the wife of a military officer to live this way.

At another point Lt. Robbins asked me “why [he] was here.”  I responded: “I have no idea.”

I now know that Lt Robbins was supposed to have looked at the entire house, including the second floor of the home, and documented how I was being forced to live, i. e., the living conditions of the home (shown on videos  and in photos elsewhere on this website) and filed charges for Abuse Of A Vulnerable Adult.

I now know that Lt. Robbins had no clue which North Carolina Statutes define Abuse Of A Vulnerable Adult. I know this because Lt. Robbins was back at the home on or about Feb 18, 2016, at which time he admitted he could not find and or did not know of any North Carolina Statutes that defined and or prohibited ” Abuse of A Vulnerable Adult” which is what prompted my calling Ms Sharon Wilder the North Carolina State Director of Adult Protective Services.

In the end, Lt. Robbins and Moore County NC law enfotcemenr did   absolutely  nothing at all, because of lack of training and or knowledge.