August 2015 emails – Congresswoman Renee Ellmers

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Below in chronological order are some of the emails to and from Congresswoman Renee Ellmers (staff) in August of 2015.

From: Elaine Greenwood []

Sent: Wednesday, August 05, 2015 12:47 PM

To: Fitzgerald. Pat

Subject: no air conditioning in 100 degree heat


I finally was able to print the form you sent. It does NOT apply to me or my situation. I am not a veteran, and Arthur J Greenwood is on active duty (as far as I know).  I can not wait while Congresswoman Elmer’s or her staff passes the buck on this.

How I am living is ABUSE OF A VULNERABLE ADULT, and that is just the tip of the iceberg of what all is wrong in this situation.   I have been with my husband for 19 years, we  have been married for 15 years.  My husband in 13 years younger than me. He graduated medical school in 2003 and his OBGYN residency in 2012.  We have had a Horse Breeding / Dog breeding business since 2000 and first filed IRS business returns in 2004. This business  was an obsession of my husband, NOT ME.  It started when he was in medical school.  He was so obsessed with the horses he almost flunked out of medical school.

You all really need to come here and see and film what is going on here. What has been going on here since October 15, 2014 is  cruel, illegal, unethical and BEYOND conduct unbecoming an officer.  The Langley Eustis Hospital Command (Hampton VA) has known about this since October 15, 2014. They have been here, they have documents, video and audio, they  have a website I built for  them at their request, they  know about my injuries, the ER trips, the conditions of this home, and all of it, and they have done NOTHING but allow Arthur Greenwood to hide from Service of Process.

Arthur has not filed for divorce and neither have I.  Yet, as a matter of Air Force POLICY,  I  have no rights at all, including no right to even know where he is, what his income is,  why he has not filed our 2013 or 2014 Federal Tax Returns, and on and on.   There is a Warrant for his arrest for Communicating Treats from January 13, 2015 that can not be served because the Air Force was hiding him.

In addition to our marriage, we have operated a business since 2002 and, at Arthur’s direction, we  have filed  losses on that business with the IRS on our Federal Tax Return every year since 2004 through 2012 (which is the last return he would file) .  That in an of itself is not legal and Arthur knows it. And that is just the tip of the iceberg on the unethical, illegal and immoral things Arthur has been doing, going back to 1997.

Arthur had threatened me, and been financially, physically and emotional abusive for years. ON October 15, 2014 he threatened to kill me if I spoke with the military about what all he’s been doing.  He said he would “destroy me,” that we are “at war,” that I had crossed a line and  that “misery is what [I] deserved” and on an on.   An officer can not do that!!!!

There is no credible reason that the wife of a United States Air Force Officer and a medical doctor is being forced to live below the level of poverty in an unfit and unsafe home.  You need to come and see what is going on here.   This is a complete disgrace, reflecting the failing of the military, and to some degree, Duke Medicine.

I can not wait another week.  At this rate I will be stone cold dead in the ground before anyone does anything, and I really have objections to dying like this.

I would like to go directly to the President of the United States. He is the Commander and Chief, the buck stops with him. I contacted him in December of 2014, and seven months later I got a form response to check out “state and local resources.”  The resources in this community are barbaric in their ignorance, they are abuse in and of themselves, reflecting a profound ignorance of what victims of violence face.  For example, Duke Medicine has a policy to deny care to victims of abuse. That policy can be life threatening.

Do you have a contact number for President Obama?  One that will get me through to him, and not some low level clerk who will ignore this.

I would also like a contact number for Joe Biden. Biden  gets a lot of political mileage for being an advocate for Domestic Violence and Abuse victims. He is a fraud!!! His entire approach to the issue is that women should run and hide.  WHO on earth can leave their home and responsibly to go hide? And why on earth is that the only response ever generated?

There is Congressional testimony from 2013 about Violence in the military and the fact that  the abuser controls the finances 98% of the time, and abuses financially as well.  In my situation, we own no property, have no credit, no saving, I do not even  have an engagement ring to sell.  I am 61 years old and disabled  (even according to my husband’s November 6, 2014 retirement request).  I have massive responsibilities to care for the assets of the business, which are breeding and show animals with HUGE overhead.  This business was my husband’s passion and dream, not mine. To accomplish his dreams, which began while he was still a medical, I borrowed close to $400,000.00 (four hundred thousand dollars from a friend) and allowed my husband to spend every nickel he ever  made on this obsession.  I contributed to the business by living below the level of poverty so that the business could exist and grow.  For years the horses lived with the trainer, who had a full time staff of four to six people.  In early December of 2014 my husband had all the horses dumped here on this property, when we have no barn, no shelter and no fencing for them.  At that time we also had 19 Doberman show dogs with a value of over one hundred thousand dollars. We had breeders from all over the world that wanted the dogs. They  could all have been sold, for a profit and I could have moved from this poverty  level hovel until the mess with my husband was sorted out, but my husband refused to sign off of the dogs, and he was hiding from service of process, and not providing enough money to feed and care for the dogs and horses. The home is almost 70 years old. There has no heat on the main floor, there is mold in the basement and mold on the main floor, there is asbestos in the home and outside the home, the wiring is not properly grounded, the plumbing does not work,  the roof leaks so badly that when it rains it rains inside the  home. It is a felony to abandon the animals and leave this place, and yet is it not fit or safe to live here.  I am telling you,  you need to come here and see this situation.

Turns out that back in 2008 my husband tried to file separately with the IRS. From at least that point, he was hiding his income, assets, and years of letters from the IRS saying we needed to file.  He was moonlighting during those  years, made about $300,000.00 all of which was in breach of the contracts with the Air Force and the Wake Forest Residency Program.  His moonlighting without permission put his patients at risk and he knew it.    He also committed Insurance fraud by writing prescriptions in my name, billed to my insurance that were not for me, and could not be for me.  He lied on DITY moves and stole roughly $22,000.00 from the military going back to 1999.  He defaulted on his student loans,  lied on his security clearances, accepted roughly $40,000.00 from a business partner over seas that he never reported, he committed plagiarism  both as an undergrad at the University of Washington and in medical school at the Uniform Services University of Health Sciences.  I actually earned more A’s in medical school than he did.

I can not even afford an attorney, but my husband, the abuser and felon,  gets FREE JAG  advice on things like: how to hide from service of process.  Biden needs to see just how pathetic his approach actually is in the real world.

And, after seeing Hillary Clinton’s new commercial about her mother and how committed Hillary is to woman’s issues and social issues, I’d like to give her a call, to have her come and see the consequences of the President of the United States (Bill Clinton)  setting a standard that it is perfectly acceptable for our country’s leader to lie to the world.  Integrity, ethics and morality flow down hill from the top, and they are not merely campaign slogans.


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To: Subject:

RE: no air conditioning in 100 degree heat

Date: Wed, 5 Aug 2015 20:16:51 +0000

Ms. Greenwood, thank you for responding to my email regarding the ability of Congresswoman Ellmers’ office to assist you.  I am resending the privacy release which we have to have signed before we can help.  The point is, we CAN help you.


With your husband’s name, social security number and date of birth, we can find him.  We can register your complaint through the Pentagon since we don’t know where he is.  They are required to respond to a Member of Congress.

With regard to your housing situation, we want to contact the NC Housing Finance Agency who will be able to help you repair the house to livable conditions.  We do not want you to live in a home with faulty wiring and rain coming in your home.  This is again, something we can help with.

Unfortunately, we do not have phone numbers that go directly to President Obama, Vice President Biden or Hillary Clinton.  We can provide numbers that go to their locations, but they will be staffed with employees who may not see the gravity of your situation.

Ms. Greenwood, we are very good at what we do.  And we will be glad to help you, but we have to have the information in order to do so.  I have your narratives, so what we need is the privacy release completed and returned to me.  Once that is received, I promise you, we will be on it.


Pat Fitzgerald

District Director

Congresswoman Renee Ellmers

406 W. Broad Street

Dunn, NC  28334

910.230.1910 (office)

910.230.1940 (fax)

www. Ellmers.House.Gov




Fri 8/07/15 8:19 AM

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From: Elaine Greenwood (
Sent: Fri 8/07/15 8:19 AM
To: Fitzgerald. Pat (

thank you

these have been incredibly long days, and I am absolutely  exhausted…  no one person can maintain 22 acres and all of these animals in this situation… it is destroying me physically.  I have not had a day off since Arthur walked away and dumped this all on me.

I am here all day,  once again I urge someone from your office to come and see what is going on here. This is not about some short term repair, it goes much further.

This property has been my home for ten years now. I once loved this state, this community and this property.  It was once “our future, my husbands and mine.”  Since my “plan” was grounded in my marriage, at 61, and having spent the last 18 years killing myself for my husband and this business, I am not sure what I am going to do. I pray. and leave it to god to show me a path through all of this misery.

The memories of the abuse and violence that occurred in this home will always be here. But even worse, I will never feel safe in this community  after what judge Ethridge and the folks at Moore Regional and Duke did.  This community, which I contributed to and once believed was my home, has revealed itself to be a hostile, barbarically ignorant place, where victims are further abused by the indifference and sheer ignorance of those who should know better AND should do better.

In 2015 North Carolina should be ashamed that Duke Medicine denies care when they learn that you have been a victim of abuse. My Duke doctor left me hanging,  with what the ER had described as  “very likely a pending  major cardiac event about to happen, that I should have been admitted for immediately” because I showed my regular treating physician (A Duke Med doctor, Dr. Sionne George, Duke Med, Mebane, NC ) a photo of how I was living and used the phrase “Abuse of a Vulnerable Adult.” Dr. Sionne literally stopped the appointment, after she had just acknowledged that she had received copies of the five ER records, of concussions and the chest pain, and after saying, “You [Elaine] need to be seen by a cardiologist immediately,  she looked at a photo of how I have to bath, heard the phrase and  said, “risk management won’t allow this,” She shut her computer screen down, and walked out of the room.  She returned about five minutes later and said, “Goodbye.”    She never examined me, she did not go over the ER records with me… she simply left. A few days later I got a call from her office saying that they had no referrals at all in the system for me.  Dr. George and her referral coordinator would not accept or return my call.  At that time I was experiencing INTENSE chest pain, which I was told was a pending major cardiac event.  And my doctor is ignoring a potentially life threatening health problem because of Duke MEd’s policy to deny care to victims of abuse.

That Duke policy, in and of itself, has to be reviewed, especially if Duke receives even one nickel of public money.  That policy is wrong.  It puts patients lives at risk.

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Thu 8/06/15 1:15 PM

Sent: Thu 8/06/15 1:15 PM
To: Fitzgerald. Pat (


This is a photo. Will this work? I got to bed after 2:30 am this morning, I am exhausted. I am just not thinking clearly. This is the best I can do, given that I can not figure out how to get office 365 to display a scan from my printer  someone needs to come and see what is actually going on here. I do not own this house and am not sure I will ever feel safe in this home or in this community. I am not sure I even feel safe in this state.  A thought , the spouses of active duty military serve this country too, and it is wrong that I have no rights at all that the military acknowledges or respects.

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From: Fitzgerald. Pat (
Sent: Thu 8/06/15 1:17 PM
To: Elaine Greenwood (

This is fine Mrs. Greenwood. I will have this out to the appropriate folks before I leave today.  Pat

Fri 8/12/15 11:48 AM


Sent: Wed 8/12/15 11:48 AM
To: Fitzgerald. Pat (

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Sent: Wed 8/12/15 11:41 AM
To: Arthur (; Steve Gladstone (; (

This is a draft in response to Mr Clarke’s letter of August 6, 2015, which I have copied to Mr Gladstone simply because I think it is grossly unethical to not disclose to him what is going on, and why.

I have no expectation of any kind that Mr. Gladstone will respond with anything other than anger and hysteria, and I do not blame him in this instance.  But I will no longer allow him to vent on me.  He needs to direct his anger to Arthur Greenwood, because this situation is entirely Arthur’s fault.

I repeatedly told Arthur Greenwood in December of 2014, BEFORE the horse were dumped here, that he was going to be held accountable for his years of unethical, illegal and immoral conduct, and that we could not afford the animals.  I said that they should all be placed or sold immediately. At that time we had buyers willing and able  to purchase every dog on the property.  I told Arthur Greenwood that the horses should have been signed over to Mrs Veasy so that she could sell or give them away.

Arthur Greenwood absolutely refused to allow it, he said that the animals were “community property that I had to keep for one year until the divorce was final, and then he hid from  Service of Process.

On December 7, 2014, over my strong objections, the horses were trailed to this property and dumped.  The  horses literally would have all been running around loose on that day if it were not for a few neighbors who came and helped me tie hay baling string across the openings in the fencing.

I have borrowed and managed to come up with roughly twenty thousand dollars since December of 2014 to provide for the animals here, and I can not do more.  The details are in the attached document.  I do not care if you read the document or use it to wipe your ass. It will all be a matter of the Congressional Record eventually, and Arthur’s abusive, illegal, unethical and immoral conduct will ground policy changes within the military and in other areas as well.

As for Arthur, I do not care what he does, where he goes  or which jail he serves time in.

I have no groceries, have not eaten in two days. I have the animals to attend to. If you have a response, email me, if not  then do not respond.

I have asked the post office to hold mail, I am living in the van, and have only sporadic access to email.

-Elaine Greenwood

the skin on my fingers cracks and bleed – hitting the keys can be excruciating – please forgive my typos 


Fri 8/14/18 7:52 AM


Sent: Fri 8/14/15 7:52 AM
To: Arthur (; Steve Gladstone (; (; Lt Col Elliot Pinero (; Col Martinez (
Bcc: (



Mr. James Clarke, et al:


The amount deposited in the Wells Fargo bank account today by your client Arthur J. Greenwood is not sufficient  to meet his current financial obligations for even my most basic needs and those of the animals.  It is not even enough to pay for the bi-annual State Farm Home Owners Insurance payment which was due August 1st (as it has been every year since 2005)  and the property taxes. The home owners insurance will be canceled on August 28, 2015.

Your client  and others, including but not limited to the Command at Langley Eustice AFB clearly knew  months ago that your client would have a drastic reduction in income.

Your client did not intend to meet his obligations here, and has had that knowledge and intention for months.  He has had information about a change in pay for  months, and he chose to withhold all of this information from me.  That is unethical and dishonorable, and amounts to both Abuse of a Vulnerable Adult and Animal Cruelty.   The animals have fixed costs associated with their care, and they have ongoing medical needs.  Your client insisted that the horses be dumped here AFTER he left this marriage.  He is the breeder of every dog on this property, and he made the ugly abusive choice to refuse to allow me to sell or give them away back in November and early December of 2014, at a time when it would have been possible to do so.   These animals are  the assets of the Logres Farm business which he has claimed on his Federal Income Tax Return every years since 2003.  He knows what it costs per animal for feed, vet care, shelter, training and staff to maintain them, because he has been deducting these very expenses every year for over a decade.  He knows the number of animals here because he bred them, every single one.  He knows it is dangerous to have a stallion around mares, and that doing so requires a heightened level of care and proper facilities.  Your client repeatedly stated – including in email and text messages- that he intended to destroy me, that he would make my life a misery, that he would physically harm me, and this is one way he has acted on his threats, i.e., by forcing me to live here with all of these animals in this unsafe and unfit situation. I am 61, I am disabled, I am exhausted, I typically work for 6:00 a.m. until after 2:00 a.m.  I go  without food, without medical care, and without ANY day off.

And he knows of the dangerous and substandard conditions of this home and my objection to being forced to live here, and in fact repeatedly threatened that he would destroy and make my life a misery by forcing me to live this way.

The residence here is not safe or fit to live in, and has been in this condition for years and years.

I have postponed paying bills until I saw the amount deposited in Wells Fargo, so that I could budget my immediate medical and dental needs, and the needs of the animals for food, shelter and veterinary care.

The mares were all loose yesterday afternoon, the fencing, shelter and facilities here are not safe or adequate, and were not safe or adequate back in December 7, 2014 when Mr. Greenwood had the horses dumped here over my objections.

I was injured yesterday, trying to get the mares under control. Because of the injuries I have sustained,  since last December, I am now constantly dizzy and nauseated, I have trouble with my balance, my hands are cracked and bleeding and have been for months now.   I have intense chest pain,  and a pain in my upper gi, that at times it feels like I am about to cough up blood,. I simply can do the physical work necessary to properly maintain these animals, as your client told the USAF back in early November of 2014, when he was fraudulently pretending to be committed to me, to this marriage and to the animals which are the assets of the Logres Farm Business.

On or about November 6, 2014, in requesting early retirement, your client told the USAF that my disabilities made it impossible then to do all of the work to maintain the property and animals / business assets myself.  Your client asserted this weeks before he left this marriage, BEFORE he dumped the horses here, and BEFORE he refused to allow the dogs to be sold to good homes –  back in the fall of 2014.

The residence here is not safe or fit to live in. The workload here requires a staff of four or five strong young people. It is ABUSE of a Vulnerable Adult that I am forced to live on this property given the unsafe conditions of the home, and the dangerous, crushing workload that has been dumped on me.  I can not do this anymore

Your client has the means to secure credit, to pay his bills, provide medical and dental care for me, provide staff, training, feed, farrier and veterinary care for the animals here,  and to bring this home up to acceptable standards for me (which should reflect the agreements he mad and the standards of material luxury and comfort he has enjoyed since 2008) , and make improvements to this property to make it safe for the horses he insisted upon, until such time as a determination can be made about a settlement.

Your client needs to get a loan or borrow to provide what is needed here immediately.  Given that I borrowed close to four hundred thousand dollars so that your client could engage his obsession to be a horse breeder, and given that he insisted that we spend every nickel on the horses and dogs he insisted upon having, so that we have no credit, no savings and own no property that I know of, yet we have spent over a million dollars on the horses in this marriage, I think that your client should come up with $800K to a million to provide what needs to be here, or, in the alternative, purchase a suitable property for the business in Tryon NC or some place that would lower the costs of producing horses.  There was a property in Tryon for about $600K that would have worked, it may have sold, but there may be others.

In spite of what an unethical, untrustworthy,  immoral creature your client has proven to be, the Logres Farm  equine breeding program has value, which took four generations and a million dollars to create. It may prove to be profitable, but not under these conditions. It was my business too, and though it was never my intention to be a horse owner or horse breeder, the business is the only asset of the marriage, it has cost me my health, and two decades of my life, and  I am not willing be fatally injured, nor am I willing to see the Logres Farm Pinto Warmbloods breeding program be destroyed because of the gross ethical moral failings of Arthur J Greenwood.

I have no doubt that when exposed to the public, this entire situation (which involves abuse, domestic violence, mal practice,  fraud, malicious defamation, tortuous interference with the right to do business , and unfair and deceptive trade practices, etc. will be the context for changes in policy in the military and in civilian life.  But in the short term, given that the business involved living creatures, including myself, there are responsibilities that your client can not ignore anymore.

This email documents that I communicated the information contained herein, which is true based upon my knowledge and beliefs, to Arthur J. Greenwood, James Clarke II Esq. Col Louis Martinez an Lt Col Elliot Pinero  (and others) on 8/14/2015


-Elaine Greenwood

the skin on my fingers cracks and bleed – hitting the keys can be excruciating – please forgive my typos