attach all communication, including letters from Obama’s staff directing me to Congresswoman Renee Ellmers, Senator Burr and Senator Tillis.

most recent, on January 5 , 2016 filled out the online form, for the sixth or seventh time since December of 2104.

On January 8, 2016 call the 202-456-1111 White House phone number, where the gal says, “Oh, that is horrible, I will pass your ‘comments’ on to the President.”  And I respond, “But what good with that do, you haven’t taken my name.”  To which she replies, “Oh, were not allowed to take your name.”

At one point she says I should hire an attorney.  I respond that I have already paid for legal review of the facts, by a well respected attorney who is also a retired judge. I explain that my husband is considered “military property”  and he is not subject to civilian courts, and that one of the issues is that these unethical secret military policies allow my husband to hide from service of process, so it would  not matter even  if it was a civilian issue, because my husband is hiding and can not be served.  He is hiding from service of process and the military is allowing him to do so, Hell, they are helping  him do so.

I explain, yet again, that the issue is the unethical secret military policies that allow my husband to be an abuser in the irst place adn to continue to be an abuser.


I explain that what I am asking for is a full Congressional Review of the unethical secret military policies that allowed this. so that they are exposed and abolished.

So I ask, “How does an American citizen reach the President of the United States?”  And she says, “You have to fill out an online form.”

After explaining that I have filled out the form several times, and that the only response I got from President Obama was a referral to  Congresswoman Renee Ellmers, Senator Burr and Senator Tillis, who are incapable of doing a single thing, I ask, “How did that little kid who took the alarm clock to school get an audience with the President? ”  She does not know, and further, she  does not have any idea how a United States citizen actually contacts the President of the United States. And her job is to answer the phone at the White House.  So I say, “Since you do not know, who does?”  She does not know this either.

I should add here that the highest ranking Democrat in Congress is Nancy Pelosi, whom I have contacted many times, including on January 5, 2016, and again, by phone. at her DC office, just before this call to the White House.  Nancy Pelosi’s staff listened a bit, and then simply started shouting over me that I needed to “get help” from Senators Burr and Tillis and then hung up on me. I have to wonder how they treat American citizens who are not victims of abuse.

I have also contacted Hillary Clinton at 646-854-1432.  Hillary claims to be an advocate for women and the elderly.  Like the rest of these politicians, there is no way to actually get in touch with Hillary Clinton either.

No wonder our great country is in so much trouble, and our political leaders are completely out of touch with the American public they were elected to serve, or seek to be elected to serve. We can not actually contact any of them, even after over a year of trying.