North Carolina Medical Board

As far as I can tell the North Carolina Medical Board exists to help medical doctors hide from consequences for their illegal immoral and unethical conduct, and it is true of every medical I know of who has had complaints filed against them.

This appears to be true of the NCMB with respect to Dr. Gerancher, Dr. Olin Fox, Dr. Robert Fleury,  and Dr Arthur Greenwood.  It seems that the NCMB serves to protect the income stream of medical doctors, and allows medical doctors to evade the consequences for behavior that would have the rest us of jailed, including psychiatrists having sex with their patient, doctors writing thousands of dollars of prescriptions  for people/family members whom they  do not have a doctor – patient relationship with, insurance fraud, and a host of other immoral and unethical conduct, even being a sexual predator, yet somehow not ever being listed as a sexual predator on state lists.

As far as I can tell, the Morth Caorlin Medical Board does almost nothing at all to protect the citizens of the State of North Carolina, and almost nothing  to hold medical doctors accountable for their unethical, illegal and or conduct.  A North Carolina citizen who is in possession of illegally obtained drugs would be jailed.  The NC Med Board  allows medical doctors to “promise not to do it again”  A psychiatrist  having sex with a patient is  the most egregious  violation of professional ethics imaginable, making a mockery of professional medical standards, of medical ethics, and of the law. Allowing “sex with a patient” to be reduced to “dating and ex-patient” is a perversion of the laws of this country.


A medical doctor takes a vow to “first do no harm.”  The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists even has the audacity to publish:

According to a complaint filed with the North Carolina Medical Board, by a T. Barker on behalf of the mother of his child, asserting that on or about December 29, 2012 Arthur reduced this pregnant woman to tears by accusing  her of causing the death of her first child.  Barkers assertions were true. Arthur had contempt for the pregnant woman, he mentioned her before the NCMB complaint was ever filed. Arthur  called this pregnant patient a  “stupid obese fat cow” said she’d killed her first baby and was so stupid she was going to kill the baby she was carrying.  I recall asking Arthur if he could consider for a moment that the woman could not afford better health care. Arthur’s response was that she could get the meds she needed at the Emergency Room, and he had nothing but contempt and scorn for this woman. If he conveyed even half of what he truly felt about her, to her, then every word of the NCMB complaint is true.  And I know about this because Arthur was panicked about the complaint, which would and should have exposed his moonlighting, and he asked me to draft his response, which is did.

On the day Arthur saw this pregnant woman, he was  moonlighting without the knowledge or permission of his Commanding Officer USAF Col Louis Martinez). I believe this pregnant woman was seen at the Rapid Care in Sanford, NC (which I believe is owned by Chuck Danau (sp?). Chuck  had a contract with Physicians Solutions (a medical staffing company that was one or is owned by Mr’. Philip Driver I believe) , and so did Arthur, going back years (to 2004).

Physician Solutions is a medical staffing company that Arthur had signed contracts work exclusively for, and then Arthur breached those contracts by working for a medical staffing company that is one of the direct competitors of Physician Solutions, a company called Carolina Locum Resources, which was operated by and or owed by Ms Courtney Shade. Purportedly Ms. Shade is a personal friend of Arthur’s.  She is also the daughter of Mr. Philip Driver.

Mr. Driver and Ms. Shade knew that Arthur was a military officer and that he was doing a civilian OBGYN residency, both in Texas Tech in 2008-2009) and at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center (2009-2012). I think it is not credible to believe that Mr. Driver and or Ms. Shade did not know that Arthur was moonlighting in breach of his contracts with the USAF and his OBGYN residency programs.

These contracts to moonlight with medical staffing companies put Arthur in contact with thousands of North Carolina civilian patients.  Moonlighting without permission is strictly forbidden by the United States Air Force, moonlighting as a doctor is forbidden by the USAF, and moonlighting is forbidden by the contracts Arthur signed with civilian residency programs for the four years he was doing a civilian OBGYN residency.  A fatigued doctor puts his patients lives at risk.  A doctor who is moonlighting illegally will not provide certain services to patients including any services that might call attention to the fact  that he is moonlighting illegally.