Mark E Sullivan

As you read Mr Sullivan’s fee agreement and his letter below, keep in mind that Mr. Sullivan wants $20,000.00 (twenty thousand dollars) to basically determine Arthur’s military  retirement pay (which if he is court martialed equals $0.0

I believe that military retirement is a function of  the service member’s number of years of service and his rank.  I.e. it is based upon his base pay and is the essentially the same across the board.

In theory I am entitled to a percentage of his military retirement, essentially based upon the number of years we have been married.  This data is on a chart, online.

For an attorney who purportedly specializes in military divorces, the chart is very likely taped to every computer in Sullivan’s office.  It should take ten seconds to look it up.  It is outrageous that Sullivan intended to charge twenty thousand dollars for this information.

At one point I asked Mr. Sullivan if he could not simply pick up the phone and speak with Mr. Clarke II, whom Sullivan described as “his friend”  and say, “Hey Jim, to save us all some time and the expense of discovery, would you simply provide what we need, given that we have both done this for years, we know the laws of this state, this request is reasonable and you will be ordered to produce it anyway.”

This was absolutely impossible for Sullivan to do.

Of note: Mark Sullivan can not even get my name right.  This sleazy bag of gas took about $500 of my money for nothing… not one thing, except to demonstrate the toxic stronghold his Trade Group the American Bar Association has on an American citizens access to their Constitutional Rights.


is.  LS contract for DIV ALI ED-1

LS contract for DIV ALI ED-2

Letter from SUllivan NO Settlement


I think the American Bar Association should be declared an illegal monopoly under anti trust laws and abolished, and replaced with dozens of Bar Associations that compete in the market based upon offering the best service at the best price.

No member of the ABA should ever be allowed  to be a member of the judiciary or any legislative body.

As it is, the American Bar Association has an toxic monopoly on 350 million Americans access to our Constitutional Rights.

ABA members run the Constitution and the Bill of Rights through their digestive tract / their own pecuniary interests.  Their constipated, warped view of the laws of this country have become a perverse source of income for ABA members, at the expense of the rest of the country.  We have over 100 years of evidence that this trade group called the ABA is toxic to our democracy, and in every way antithetical  to what the citizens of this country consented to.  I can not think of even one area of law that the ABA hasn’t screwed into the ground. Whether family law, environmental law, contract law, capital punishment, product liability law, medical malpractice, you name it and the ABA has eviscerated any just claim to legal authority.  And enough with the brain farts of a handful of Ivy League idiots, who spew sewage that grounds perversions like   “it depends on what the meaning of “IS.”