Sec of Defense Ashton Carter

Attach Court Marshals (list of names of officers and enlisted personal) who have been dishonorably discharged, fined and or jailed for even one of the following, and Arthur John Greenwood is guilty of years and numerous acts of all of the following:

theft on a DITY move

lying on a security clearance

breech of contracts


moonlighting without permission

failing to pay Federal Income Tax /Tax Evasion

Tax Fraud

Insurance Fraud


The United States Air Force has had knowledge of this activity going back years, and absolute incontrovertible proof from October 15, 2014 on, and the USAF has done nothing.  (insert)

Attach Aston speeches:

“We have standards of honor and integrity, which we [the  Unite States Military ] demand of our military officers. I [Sec of Defense Ashton Carter] will not tolerate less.”

News Report: Sec of Defense Asthon Carter fires top aid, General, for misconduct.

copies of messages For Carter:

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