USAF Medical Officer Maj. Joanne Poole

attach all communication from October 15, 2014 on

Voice mail of October 15, 2014 – in this voice mail message  Arthur is explaining to Major Poole that he has not changed the password to lock me out of his LES account, which is a bold faced lie. He sounds like an innocent lamb.  This recording is of a meeting Arthur  had with Major Poole a short time after he had threatened to kill me for speaking with Major Poole about  our Federal Income Tax situation.  On October 15, 2014 Arthur was still refusing to file our 2013 Federal Income tax Return.

Not only did he lock  me out of the LES account, he locked me out of the STAR credit account, he hid five years of letters from the IRS saying that we owed tens of thousands of dollars in taxes, penalties and interest. Over the marriage he hid years of moonlighting income, he hid bank accounts and other marital assets, he hid trips, parties, and adultery.  He even hid that he has seen attorneys repeatedly to formulate his plan to hide marital assets, income, retirement and his conduct from me, from the IRS, and from the USAF.