March 2015 emails to USAF Lt. Col Elliot Pinero

Animal Control needs to see the vet records for the vet we still have not paid

From: Elaine Greenwood (
Sent: Tue 3/03/15 7:24 PM
To: Arthur (; Col Martinez (; Lt Col Elliot Pinero (

 Animal Control needs to see the vet records for all five of the horse that were at Danielle’s, which must be at the vet who is furious with us because we still have not paid them. And  AC wants the Coggins and health records on Denali and True Ruler. 

And we still have not re-paid Philip Martin

I have bills to pay, the brakes on the van needed to be replaced, the van will need new tires soon,  I need to pay John , and I the truck needs mechanical work and new tires now.  

And I need a referral to someone about my dizziness and nausea.

Elaine Greenwood