USAF Col. Paul Gorely (sp?)

USAF Col. Paul Gorely is the Chief of the Medical Staff at the US Air Force Hospital Langley

I first contacted USAF Col. Paul Gorely on December 16, 2014 and again on January 5, 2015. Below is the message from USAF Col Gorely indicating that he and the chain of Command at the Langley Hospital AFB, which includes USAF Col. John C. Allen and USAF Col Wayne Pritt were aware that Arthur had threatened to kill me, and had made other threats to destroy me, to see me burn in hell, that I had crossed a line by talking about what he’d been doing, that he was at war with me, that he would leave me with nothing, that I was supposed to “play ball” with him and never tell anyone about the illegal, unethical and immoral things he’d been doing,  etc.

In this January 5, 20-15 phone message USAF Col. Paul Gorely refers to Arthur as “Lt. Col. Greenwood” which is consistent with what USAF Col. Wayne Pritt’s staff “Vicky” told me on the evening of January 12, 2015. Vicky also said that Arthur had been allowed to retire, that they did not know where he was, that I had been a fool, that they weren’t doing anything and that I should have gone to the police all along.  It was after speaking with Vicky that I called the Moore County Sherriff and the following day spoke with the Moore County Magistrate who issued a warrant for Arthur’s arrest for communicating threats. This warrant January 13, 2015 Arrest Warrant has never been served because the military has refused to provide an address for Service of Process for USAF Maj. Arthur John Greenwood.