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Update: January 21, 2016 – Here is the most recent response from my United States Senator Thom Tillis – I believe this is the fifth or sixth time in the past year I have gotten this response. The only email I get more frequently from Senator Thom Tillis  is a solicitation for funds.  And note the return email address for  Senator Thom Tillis.  It is a “donotreply” address.  I wonder if his big money campaign backers get a prompt return phone call from Senator Thom Tillis.  I wonder who Senator Thom Tillis thinks he was elected to represent.  Given the enormity of the issues here, which impact me and thousands of women, and the elderly and victims of abuse all across North Carolina, of all races, ages adn gender, given that the underlying issues are grounded in secret unethical military policies which only Congress can investigate, expose and abolish… I wonder how long it will take the United States Senator from North Carolina Thom Tillis to actually do his job.


Thank you for your message

From:  From the Office of Senator Thom Tillis (
Sent: Thu 1/21/16 8:04 AM

Thank you for submitting your comments through my website. This automatic e-mail is to confirm that my office has received your message. Please know that we read each letter and e-mail and will do our utmost to get you a timely response addressing your thoughts and concerns.


Thom Tillis
U. S. Senator


Like many politicians, the United States Senator from North Carolina, Senator Thom Tillis –  hides from his constituents behind an online form on his website.  All  constituents must fill out this online form. So constituents – like the elderly, and the poor, who have no access to computers, or the internet and / or those thousands and thousands  of constituents who have problems with online forms , are simply ignored completely by Senator Tillis.

Eventually, if you filled the online form out correctly and it does not get lost in hyper space, you get an automatic computer generated response. And then you either get absolutely nothing, or you get pure gibberish.  There is no way to respond to the computer generated automatic response OR any other communication from US Senator Thom Tillis.  If Tillis has the facts are wrong, or his  response is completely idiotic and dismissive, there is no recourse. Tillis does not care if he helps you or not. He does not even care if he has the issues or the facts right.

In fact, it says in the address bar of his response to you “ do not reply” which means that you can NOT reply to  your  United States Senator. Remember, Senator Thom Tillis had all those slick expensive political campaign advertisements, seeking our vote in the last election?

Tillis promised to represent you and me.  But in fact, Senator Thom Tillis makes a mockery of his promises to the voters of North Carolina.  I think his conduct as described herein says everything about his character, and all of it is bad. And of course, all of this begs the question: “How on earth can a politician like Senator Thom Tillis  pretend to know what his constituents concerns are, and what government policies Tillis needs to address, if Tillis refuses to even listen to his constituents?”

From the moment Senator John McCain dumped my concerns on Senator Thom Tillis back in late December of 2014, I have filled out many of  Senator Tillis’ online forms.  I have even spoken with his staff. They are rude, arrogant, hostile and dismissive to say the least.   They do not seem to care if they have the facts or not.  And in all this time,   I have never ever gotten a phone call from my United States Senator Thom Tillis.  I have gotten some rude and dismissive replies, that utterly ignore the issues, and demonstrate Senator Thom Tillis’ complete lack of interest or concern, but no phone call or opportunity to resolve any of these issues that can only be addressed and resolved by the United States Congress.

As a fact, the United States Air Force should not have unethical secret policies that allow officers to hide from Service of process.  A military officer is supposed to conduct him or her self with Conduct Becoming an Officer. A military officer can not allow his wife to live in poverty for any reason, and most especially not because he is angry that she blew the whistle on his years of illegal immoral and unethical conduct.

In addition to Abuse of a Vulnerable adult, and all of the rest, my husband disappeared in November of 2014 leaving me with thousands and thousands of dollars of his debt, and yet he controls 100% of our finances. He immediately canceled my access to the only credit card we had, so  I have no credit, no savings and we own no property.

So while the military is helping my husband hide from Service of Process, I am forced to live in poverty, in an unfit, unsafe and dangerous situation, and go without to try to meet his enormous obligations that he has dumped on me, and also face our creditors, and the litigation our creditors threaten to file, all on  my own, with any resources, when the debt is my husbands, and there is no defense to not paying your bills. A military officer is supposed to pay his bills.  The military knew that my husband left me  with an enormous business obligation that requires well over $80,000 a year to maintain… and then refused to provide the funding.  And the military helped my husband hide from Service of Process. This is NOT honorable conduct demanded of a military officer.

I should add that it takes me about half an hour or so to fill out the online form on Senator Tillis’ website, and I can actually build a website. I wonder how many of Tillis’ constituents can NOT even fill out his form.  And I wonder if DUKE Energy and other BIG Business backers who fund Tillis are pushed off to an online form.

We actually vote Mr. Tillis. No matter how much money they put in your pocket, DUKE Energy does not cast one single vote for you. My call should come first.

Here below is an example of an exchange with United States Senator Thom Tillis:

On or about January 5, 2016 I sent roughly the following to Senator Thom Tillis by filling out the online form on his website, that also requires my name, address, phone number, and email information, which I provided.

In the message section of the online form I wrote:

I am the victim of ABUSE OF A VULNERABLE by my husband, a United States Air Force Medical Officer. I first contacted the military, President Obama and members of Congress over a year ago, including Senators Burr, McCain, Tillis, Congresswomen Renee Ellmers and other Congressional leaders. As of January 5, 2016 they have done nothing. In fact, after months of correspondence, my Congresswoman Ellmer’s proved to be a pathetic joke, and abandoned this in November of 2015 without ever doing anything to help me. She and her staff actually made thing worse, out of sheer ignorance and gross incompetence.

Here is a website with facts that Congress and the military have ignored.

I am over 60 years old, forced by my husband to live in poverty in an unfit, unsafe and dangerous situation. I have been injured dozens of times because of this situation, been in the ER numerous times and now have Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). This could have been prevented if you had acted over a year ago.

For over a year now I have exhausted every resource, both military and civilian. My husband is the property of the USAF and NO civilian court can address this situation.

I am about to be homeless and yet I am MARRIED to a USAF Medical Officer. Before I am dead, from this abuse, would you look at the facts on


You can not pass the buck on this. Only a full Congressional Hearing of the military policies which allowed my abuse and this horrific situation will help.

Note, I do not need any service Moore County, North Carolina offers, in large part because they are NO HELP AT ALL, and because my abuser/husband is and has always been the property of the USAF, which is allowing him to hide. Sufficient details for you to ACT immediately are on the website.

There needs to be a full Congressional Review of this abuse, why it happened and why it was allowed   it to continue. This kind of abuse happens in the military and in the civilian world, in one form or another, to thousands of women and the elderly this country. And all that is offered are “run and hide” shelters and photo ops for Pelosi and Vice President Biden. By remaining ignorant of this situation, you are the worst part of the problem, worse even than that pathetic creature Congresswoman Ellmers, because you pretend to care and pretend to offer help, and yet in truth you offer nothing.

-Elaine Greenwood

Home Phone  910-XXX – XXXX

Cell 910-XXX-XXXX

The first thing that showed  up in my inbox from Tillis was this:

A Message From Senator Tillis

From: From the Office of Senator Thom Tillis (
Sent: Tue 1/05/16 1:50 PM

Signs of Progress for North Carolina in 2015

Dear North Carolinians,

My first year as North Carolina’s U.S. Senator has been eventful and productive to say the least. I’ve attended over a hundred committee hearings, met with thousands of North Carolinians in every corner of the state, heard from hundreds of thousands of constituents who have contacted my offices, and had the honor of visiting with the brave men and women in uniform stationed at our military bases at Fort Bragg, Camp Lejeune, and Cherry Point.

Serving the people of North Carolina will always be my top priority, and we have succeeded in building a dedicated and responsive constituent services operation that has resolved thousands of cases for North Carolinians, from helping ensure that our veterans receive the VA benefits they deserve, to assisting seniors in receiving fair and timely responses from the Social Security Administration.

In Washington, my focus has been on developing relationships with my colleagues — Republicans, Democrats, and Independents — so we can find common ground and address the many major challenges facing our nation on a bipartisan basis.

And I’m happy to say, this has resulted in some very positive developments for North Carolina over the past year.

I’ve had the absolute honor of representing the more than 800,000 North Carolina veterans as a member of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee. I’ve worked with my colleagues to address the issues plaguing the VA health care system, and I’ve partnered with Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut to introduce two bills aimed at providing veterans with ample opportunities to receive a high quality education. I was encouraged when President Obama recently endorsed these two bills, and I’ll work hard next year to make sure they become law.

Several weeks ago, the Senate unanimously passed my bipartisan bill to assist living eugenics victims by excluding their payments from state eugenics compensation programs — including North Carolina’s — from consideration in determining federal benefits. Without this legislation, many eugenics victims who receive compensation payments could see their federal benefits reduced or even have their eligibility eliminated, which simply is not fair. The good news is that the House has already moved my bill through committee, and final passage is expected early next year, when it will then head to the president’s desk for his signature.

Additionally, Congress recently passed the first longterm transportation and highway bill in a decade, which included a key provision originally introduced by Rep. G.K. Butterfield, Sen.  Richard Burr and myself, designating the Raleigh-Norfolk and U.S. 70 corridors as future interstates. This bipartisan provision could be a game-changer for North Carolina, as it will produce long-lasting benefits, including reduced traffic congestion, improved access to our military bases, and increased investments in our state’s infrastructure and transportation.

North Carolina scored another big victory with the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which ensures our military has the training and resources it needs, provides critical support to American servicemembers and their families, and makes key reforms to the military retirement system. The NDAA includes a provision I introduced that halts a plan to transfer 24 AH-64 Apache helicopters from the North Carolina National Guard in Raleigh to the regular Army. It also includes another provision I authored, along with Sen. Burr, that requires Fort Bragg’s top commanders to certify that the loss of the 440th Airlift Wing at Fort Bragg will not harm training before it is permitted to be deactivated. This will put a temporary halt on the Air Force’s short-sighted and flawed plan to shutter the 440th Airlift Wing.

While 2015 yielded many positive results for North Carolinians, there is still more that needs to be done in 2016 and beyond. I look forward to continue serving the people of North Carolina and working across the aisle on behalf of the servicemembers, veterans, and hardworking families who make our state and nation great.

Please contact my office if you or anyone you know needs assistance in dealing with a federal agency. You may find my contact information at or call 202-224-6342.



next I received this from Senator Tillis


Thank you for your message

From: From the Office of Senator Thom Tillis ( This message is in your inbox because you’ve indicated interest in this sender.
Sent: Tue 1/05/16 3:47 PM
This is not an active email account. If you would like to reply to Senator Tillis, please click here.

and then  I received this from Tillis:

From: From the Office of Senator Thom Tillis (imailagent) (
Sent: Wed 1/06/16 4:33 PM


Dear Mrs. Greenwood:

Thank you for contacting my office. I have received the responses the United States Air Force previously issued regarding your case. You are eligible to receive health care under TRICARE, and you were provided with instructions for filing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. The Air Force also provided an address for you to direct correspondence to your husband.

At this time, there is no further action for my office to take in relation to your situation beyond what has already been done.

Please feel free to contact my office if you require assistance on another matter involving a federal agency.


Thom Tillis
U.S. Senator

It took me a while to recall what might be the context for  Senator Thom Tillis’ statement of the obvious i.e., that I have Tricare insurance, or that I  needed to know about the Freedom of Information act (when I filed a FOIA request on or about September 9, 2015 and had told Senator Thom Tillis of this FOIA request months ago).

I believe that United States Senator Thom Tillis made the ignorant and inaccurate assessments above, including that I (or any victim of abuse) would ever want direct contact with my abuser, because Senator Thom Tillis is relying upon the sloppy mistakes made by Congresswoman Ellmers, some of which are referenced in her emails on Tuesday 11/03/15 beginning at about 5:22 PM, in more detail on Tue, 3 Nov 2015 22:22:45 +000, and in the last two emails I sent to Congresswoman Renee Ellmers on  11/19/12 which were copied to the staff of Senator Thom Tillis.   Here is a link to the page for Congresswoman Renee Ellmers.

 I should note that Congresswoman Ellmers completely ignored dozens and dozens of my emails to her, where I not only reference communications from an attorney hired by my husband/abuser, but I actually copy Congresswomen Ellmers with my response to this attorney.  E.g., on August 6, 2015 I was told by the attorney hired by my husband / my abuser that I was to “lower my standard of living.”  And on November 3, 2015 I specifically tell Congresswoman Renee Ellmers staff that their claim to the Pentagon that “Major Greenwood no longer carries Tricare insurance on Elaine Greenwood which keeps her from getting health car”  is not true.

I have no idea why Congresswoman Ellmers’ staff made up such a false and idiotic assertion, but it does not accurately reflect anything I ever said, and far worse, the incompetence and gross mistakes of Congresswoman Ellmers staff has prevented me from receiving my response under the FOIA and given equally incompetent individuals, like Senator Thom Tillis an excuse to do absolutely nothing at all.

I do not know what more I could possibly have done to inform Senator Thom Tillis that Congresswoman Renee Ellmers’ staff had made so many mistakes and so thoroughly botched this matter that Senator Thom Tillis should not have relied upon anything generated by Congresswoman Renee Ellmers.  Senator Thom Tillis deserves a failing grade here for being so profoundly ignorant, arrogant and ultimately for refusing to do his job.

Since I can not reply to this idiotic unresponsive email from United States Senator Thom Tillis, I was required to go back to the online form and respond (and then received no reply):

Senator Tillis,

Regarding your email to me  of January 6, 2016:

You are not doing your job, and after over a year, this is inexcusable.  In the time that you have completely  ignored this situation I have been injured repeatedly.  I now have CTE… which could have been avoided if you had taken the time to actually look at what is going on, and respond.  Even after a year, you clearly haven’t the vaguest clue what the issues are or why you and CONGRESS are responsible. It is all spelled out on the website

Clearly you have not paid the least attention to any of the issues raised in my situation, nor have you any concern at all for the elderly or victims of Abuse of a Vulnerable Adult. Nor do you care about the heinous, dishonorable  and unethical military policies that allowed  this abuse to happen in the first place and allow it to continue.

•I did not contact you about my Tri Care coverage, that was NEVER an issue that needed to be addressed.

•I already filed under the Freedom Of Information Act in September of 2015,   months BEFORE you passed  on the observation that I have a right to make a FOIA request.

 And as of January 6, 2016 I have not received anything at all from the USAF or any branch of the military, including any of the FOIA requested information about the results of the Langley AFB Investigation or the IG or OSI Investigations of my husband or USAF Medical officer Maj. Carmen Baxter.

This is not about me being in contact with my husband, it is about ABUSE OF A VULNERABLE ADULT, that you are tacitly allowing. 

The facts that you are ignoring are available to the public on

As of January 6, 2016 I am living in poverty,  about to be homeless and yet I am MARRIED to a USAF Medical Officer.

Even with your marked ignorance to the facts or what victims of abuse endure, you might grasp that I no longer wish to be in direct contact with my abuser, and that was NEVER a request I made of any member of Congress.  

Before I am stone cold dead in the ground from this abuse, I would like a full Congressional Hearing on the facts  of this situation. There is no need for any exhaustive investigation. Sufficient facts to begin a full Congressional Investigation have been on line for over a year on and  there is now detailing your conduct and that of the military and Ellmers.  

I should add that the policies of Duke Medicine to exclude from their patient population patients who are victims of abuse should be a grave concern to our Congressional Representatives.

I can not make you do you job.  All I can do is publish your responses to me, which reflect an utter lack of care of concern for these important issues.

-Elaine Greenwood