2015 Feb 21 Email of USAF Major Carmen Baxter

Reference to Tapeworm medication purchased on January 5, 2015


On February 21, 2015 links to this  video were s taken from password protected website that was built for the Langley Air Force Base Command Directed Investigation of Arthur John Greenwood.

These links were not intended for the public.

They were  disseminated by USAF Maj Carmen Baxter,  a married woman(an OBGYN and Medical officer)  who worked with Arthur, had been on a trip with him, had socialized with him,   had an inappropriate personal relationship with him, and who had been officially reprimanded by the Commanding Officer in October of 2014 in a matter unrelated to me. Baxter was angry because I called her out on her conduct, and to get back at me, she sent this email on  February 21, 2015.

Baxter  is using her United States Military Air Force Account, with her USAF rank and her medical credentials to defame me.  Had Baxter truly cared about the dogs all she had to do is reach out to her good buddy USAF Maj Arthur Greenwood and said:

 “Hey Arthur,

       You can’t  do this to your wife. You are living in a warm clean comfortable home, with heat, and air conditioning and a swimming pool, tennis courts, and a weigth room,  and your wife is living below the level of poverty, in a home with no heat and such deplorable conditions,  she will get injured or killed. Your wife is going without food and medical care. This is wrong of you to do Arthur, regardless of whether you’re pissed tht she blew t he whistle on you or regardless of the adultery your engaged in, you can’t do this. You are an Officer in the United States Air Force. You can not force her to live like that. It is wrong.”