2015 Feb 2 videos made for USAF Langley AFB Command Directed Investigation

Here is how I have been forced to live:

  • YouTube links to the videos below were sent to Lt. Col. Elliot Pinero and to Arthur’s Commander USAF Col. Louis Martinez on February 3, 2015.
  • On February 5, 2015 Lt. Col. Elliot Pinero was in this home and saw in person the conditions of the home and how I was being forced to live.

Complete Verbatim Transcript

Video pt. I:

“It’s February 2nd and I’m making this video for Lt. Col. Elliot Pinero. He’s coming down. He wants to see the condition of the house. I want to show him. I’m happy to show him the condition of the house.  

This underlayment is just bare wood. It is literally soaked in dog urine, and that’s kind of what’s peeled off these cheap little squares.

This is the, the ahhh plumbing.

That doesn’t drain, never has, but the sink often drains and just overfills that little tub there.

This is the stove that I have to cook on. There are mice that live under, that come up under these. They pee and they poop inside these, umm, ahhh, whatever they’re called, the burner liner or whatever.

This is the space in between.

There are mice all through this house. You cannot keep them away. They’re, they’re just, you can clean this every single day. They‘re always here, always peeing, always pooping. They’ve have lived in the house for so long, they’re um, they’re everywhere.

This window, if you look at that, just follow the lines of the window and see how it kind of sinks towards the center. The hole, that yellow foam up here, would it actually, there’s a hole, if the foam weren’t there you’d see daylight right through it. In fact, in think if I just pushed on the window the thing would fall right out. In fact in a heavy rain, it rains inside the house, not outside. It rains right down.

In fact, the other fun thing, is that, I don’t want to do this, but there are ants and bugs that live under here, so if you push it, they come streaming out.

I don’t even know what this sort of counter top is.Anyway, but whatever it is, it’s not. I, I don’t know what it was for, but it sure as hell was not for a counter top.

This is. All the faucets are like this. Just a minute. They’re broken. But it doesn’t matter, they don’t fit. The sink itself is too big for the faucet. There are no faucets that will fit this sink anymore, cause ahh, these sinks are very old and they don’t fit anything.

Ahhm, you get used that: it won’t dry, so you don’t get it wet. You know. But this is my kitchen cabinet, try cooking stuff there. A lot of times there are mice feces on it anyway. But, there’s nothing you can do. You cannot keep up with the dirt, and you cannot, if the house is cold and if you get it wet, you’re screwed

This metal cabinet, that’s urine that’s rusted out the bottom of it, dog urine I think. But um, I have that to keep my food in, so that the mice can’t get to my food

This outlet here, with that cord, is what provides heat for the main, for the dogs on the main floor.


Video pt 2: Tub drain

“This, is the bathroom. This is the good bathroom. This is where I would have to bathe, and what I want to show you, is how long it will take for this to drain. Okay. So, just a minute, I’ve got to, I’m wearing a coat because it is chilly in here, because the heat doesn’t work, so I’ve got to take off my coat.   Just a second.”


Video pt 3: Tub part two

“Okay, so this is the bathtub. I’m going to take out this little drain, and I don’t know if you can hear, but it made absolutely no difference. This water will not drain for hours.

So that, if you tried to clean the bathtub, it wouldn’t make any difference. You can’t clean away, like let’s say you used Zud, for the rust or whatever, you, you wouldn’t be able to rinse it clean, cause the bathtub doesn’t drain, and it really never really has. It’s been years and years and years like that. We’ve tried drain snakes and stuff.   There’s something fundamentally wrong with some part of the plumbing. So, you have to sort of live with it like this, because the worse thing is to have Comet or Zud where ever

This is the toilet. This dust is just chronic in the house, it’s like you clean it and it comes right back. This sink doesn’t work, hasn’t for years.”


Video four: Home shifting

“This is something. You can see how the house is shifted. This door is only about two feet wide. I’m going to put my hand on the door, so you can see. The door is only two feet wide, and look at how much of a difference, just, the house is shifting. It’s rotting cause there’s termites in the basement that have impacted the entire structure of the house.   Okay. And these little squares are gross and filthy and disgusting. And you can’t keep it clean, cause you can’ t get it wet, cause it won’t dry, and I think you’d end up with Tuberculous. This is this wall. Okay, So, this is.”


Video Five: Hinges Broken

“… this is, what the ceiling does. It, it just simply falls away. In fact over here was just a gaping hole where you could see the sky, and we’re backing up to, this is the room where I sleep. Okay. So right outside my room, there used to be a child’s swimming pool right here. And this floor is so buckled from all the water over the years, you can see where, it, it’s just destroyed the floor. It’s buckled and cracked and whatever.

And then Arthur, actually, this is duct taped in. This is sheet rock, there’s actually a heat vent over that, he just put a couple pieces of sheet rock over that hole. So there’s probably bugs up there, I don’t know, but anyway, you can tell when it rains, that there’s water up there and eventually it’s going to buckle.

What Arthur never had to live with actually is that when all the plaster comes, it gets waterlogged and comes crashing down, it makes a really heavy heavy mess.

Okay, this is, these panes, these lights on the side of the door, have been broken for years. They’re actually totally rotted out.

This is, this door has two hinges on it, that work, and two that don’t. So, the bottom two don’t work, and the top two do. So, sometimes the door closes, and sometimes it doesn’t. And actually, what you have to do, is sort of kick it out that way, so that it will lock this way. Of course the down side of that …”


Video six: Window

“that’s just up close and personal, what the wood work actually looks like here”


Video eight:   Downstairs Kitchen

“One other thing, as with upstairs, there are mice everywhere in here. And you just simply get used to it. They’ll be in those cups. They’ll be in these cupboards. They’ve made pathways through this home years and years ago. And it’s just, it’s just gross. You just, after a while you realize that you can’t do a thing about it. You don’t put anything in those cupboards ‘cause in the cupboards, there are mice feces. You’re never going to keep up with it.

Can’t wash the floor because it will never dry. “Cause it’s actually really cold.

This is something that, this is Arthur’s idea of…

That is a paper insulated wire. It looks like a snake, but it’s not.

This is a closet. This gives you an idea of how much mold there is in this house. This is, I don’t want to touch it. This is mold, on this halter. And I’ve actually cleaned it, ummm, a couple of times. You can’t keep things clean. This is a bridle. That was clean. That’s not dirt. That’s just mold. So, would you want to live in this house? Or, be in this house? That’s mold on that halter.”


Video nine:   Mold in Living Room

“Here’s, again, the smell is absolutely overwhelming. Here’s part of Arthur’s little love nest. You know, this was the credenza for his, that big screen T.V. he bought, for his little love nest. That’s mold on the back of this piece of furniture. That white stuff. It’s the grossest thing in the world. It’s all mold. So, I don’t know how much time you want to spend in this room, but me personally, not a whole lot. It’s just gross.”


Video ten. Walking down the stairs

           “…this is the bathroom…this floor has been gone forever. This is the ceiling in the bathroom.

The washing machine is shorting out now. All the time. And so, it’s not, I can’t get, it will take me forever. Like I’ll do five, I’ll do one load and it will take five or six cycles. This is how much rust there is in the water.

This is this bathroom. This is the bathtub that drains. So of the two, I have the one upstairs, and then this one actually drains. It’s just that, but you can’t, you can not keep up the iron, at all.   And there is this ceiling, and I don’t know what the hell is going on. So let’s go down the hall. This is the, the wire, that goes to the cord, that goes to the heat for the dogs.”


Video # 12: Dog Room

“So here’s the dog room. It’s got this heat. These are the dogs. Hi you guys.
I want to stress here, these are incredible dogs. Okay. Absolutely incredible dogs. It’s not their fault that they’re living like this.
But to let them run out of food on January 9th was beyond ugly.
In fact to have them live like this, or to have me live like this is beyond ugly.
And when Arthur knew in 2008 that the Internal Revenue Service was not going to allow us to file, legitimately, file this as a business loss, not one of the animals in this room today would even be alive if he had told me the truth about that.
This was not, I, when I met Arthur , didn’t want anything to do with breeding dogs, at all, or showing dogs. I wanted to go to law school. I wanted to be arguing due process cases before the United States Supreme Court.

This was something Arthur wanted and repeatedly, repeatedly promised he cared about.

In fact this dog here is Matiné. He hasn’t asked about Matiné since… at all, period.

That’s Hotline.

This is Warkant.

He hasn’t asked one thing about these dogs, since he … well, since back in November.

He doesn’t care anything about them. He let them run completely out of food.

So let me show you what I do, every day.”


Video 13: last Adisa and Jackie

“Okay, so this is Adisa, who I’m just simply trying to get to get up, to come outside.

“Come on sweetie. Come on. Adisa come on.”

“Come on little girl. Come on. Come on. Come on honey. Come on. This is one of the dogs that I got the tape worm medicine for. And this is where they’re going to go, and pee and poop. And I’m going to try to catch it before they do. But I’ve got a whole bunch of other dogs to put out. Do you think this dog looks healthy? Do you think she should go to Dr. Kinnarney’s? Probably.”