Having horses dumped on this rental property over my objections

Back in December of 2014, Arthur walked away from his responsibilities for the Logres Farm Business.  About a month AFTER he left he had all of the horses dumped on this rental property, knowing full well that there was no shelter, fencing or stalls on the property and that the animals would due here.  Arthur knew that there was no way I could possible manage 19 Dobermans and 8 horses, that included a stallion, a pregnant mare and a mare with a baby that was still nursing. Arthur  had abandoned me with ten horses and 13 dogs back in 2008, when he left to do a civilian OBGYN Residency in Lubbock Texas, but insisted that I stay behind at the rental farm in Carthage, North Carolina. Back in 2008 it was total chaos, we  had several stallions, they would get loose and try to kill each other, or me.  One of the horses killed one of the dogs.  In 2009 Arthur said he wanted the marriage and wanted to use “our marriage” as a reason that the USAF would let him transfer to an OBGYN Residency program in Wake Forest, North Carolina. Supposedly he wanted to “come back home and work on our marriage.”  In 2009 Arthur promised he would NEVER force me to live in this rental hell with the care of all the animals.

In 2014, Arthur knew the consequences o what he was about to do, the consequences both to me and to the Logres Farm animals. In 2014 Arthur knew his was putting my life at risk

The winter of 2015 was the coldest on record.  I had to go without food and borrow over ten thousand dollars to keep the animals alive that winter.  I went with out food so often I lost fifty pounds in one month from starvation. I was injured repeatedly because of the dangerous situation with the horses, all being crowded into make shift areas. At feeding time the horses would become very agitated and aggressive about food. They would knock me over, slam me to the ground, slam me into fence posts.

I have had so many head injuries I have lost count. I have been in the Emergency Room half a dozen times over  the years because of head injuries, which were the result of Arthur’s violence or the horsed knocking me around.  I am 62 years old. I NEVER ever ever wanted these horses, except that they were Arthur’s obsession. I would not have even one sngle horse if ti were not for Arthur’s obsession.

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