US Senator Richard Burr


Here  is a recording of a conversation I had with a member US Senator Richard Burr’s staff at about 9:00 AM on January 21, 2016:  insert YouTube Video

Note: I mis-speak, Arthur earned about $250 thousand in illegal moonlighting income, not $250 million.


It is almost impossible to have direct contact with Senator Burr.  Like many politicians, United States Senator Richard Burr hides from his constituents behind a computer generated form on his website.  His constituents must first find and then fill out an online form on Burr’s website. If all goes well, the submission is then read by staff (who a constituent did not elect), who then either deletes the constituents concerns, or sends an automatic response, which the constituent can not reply to, nor can the constituent correct  errors made by Burr’s staff.  There is no way to respond to the computer generated automatic response, in fact it says in the address bar  of the response “do not reply” which means, YOU – the people who elected me – CAN NOT REPLY to their United States Senator Richard Burr. 

All of this begs the question, how on earth can any politician, whether Senator  Burr or President Obama, or any member of Congress pretend to know what their constituent’s concerns are, and what government policies they needs to address, if they refuse to even listen to their constituents? 

It is hypocritical for any of these elected representatives use the excuse that they never looked at the websites referenced herein, when their own website is the only way they allow us to communicate with them.

I do not mean to single out US Senator Richard Burr, nor do I mean to be disrespectful of him or of his office.   Since December of 2014 I have filled out hundreds and hundreds of these computer forms, for Congress and the military.  One huge concern with these forms is that people with disabilities, and people without internet access, and people who simply are not good at filling out forms are excluding from contact with their elected representatives.  These forms take a bit of time to complete.  I am not good at online forms and I suspect most people my age are not either.  For me, I have an extremely painful form of eczema which can make hitting any key on a key board sheer agony.  So when I manage to complete an online form, and press “submit” only to have the form deleted because I used comas or dash or other punctuation, it is beyond frustrating. 




Like many politicians Burr uses Facebook. It is difficult at times to not see his posts as PR stunts. I have poste to his FB posts.  I posted this to his FaceBook post on January 8, 2016. If you note that my tone is rude, you are correct.  And I apologize.  Being rude is not a good way to communicate.  My mother tought me better.  But at the time I was dizzy, slightly nauseated, and could  feel the effects of all these head injuries all the time now.  (you have to read the emails with USAF Col Martinez, USAF Lt Col Pinero, and Congresswoman Renee Ellmers, some of which are on this website, to have even a tiny glimpse of how hard I have tried to contact those is power to do something).


Posted by me on a Facebook post made by North Carolina Senator Burr on January 8, 2016

Senator Burr’s concept of doing his job is posing for photo ops.  He has completely ignored important issues like Abuse of a Vulnerable Adult by a United States Air Force Medical Officer for over a year. 

Only the United States  Congress can address the unethical military policies that allowed this abuse in the first place and allowed it to continue.

Senator  Burr is too lazy and too indifferent to even look at the issues. 

Come here to this home Senator Burr !!!  I will give you this address.  Come here and see what you have ignored for over a year. 

While you live in comfort and luxury, come here and take a first hand look at what you and Senator Tillis have ignored for over a year now. 

I am married to my abuser, I am over sixty, forced to live in poverty, in an unfit, unsafe and dangerous situation, my abuser controls 100% of my finances, I have been injured dozens and dozens of times since I brought this to your attention, I have been in the ER again and again, and you do nothing.  I now have Chronic Traumatic encephalopathy.  How many times can you be thrown around by a 300 lb man or a 1000 lb horse before the damage from the head injuries becomes irreversible?   I am 5’4″ and in the past year have weighed as little as 99 lbs because I’ve been forced to go without food.  Have you ever missed a meal Senator burr? 

You clearly do not stand for women, or the elderly, or victims of domestic violence and Spousal Abuse or ABUSE OF A VULNERABLE ADULT.  Nor do you truly defend marriage or any value you exploit in your political campaigns and photo ops. 

In your own way your are worse than a cowardly abuser because your profound ignorance of the facts and the issues, and your indifference after over a year, ultimately protects my abuser and allowed this abuse to continue. If I were Duke Energy or one of your big money backers you’d have picked up the phone or returned my calls over a year ago, and you’d have gotten off your butt and come and seen what is going on here, that you and Senator Tillis ignore. – Elaine Greenwood