eczema on hands and feet

Here below are photos of the extremely painful  chronic untreatable eczema on my hands and feet which Arthur uses as a reason to request Early Retirement from the USAF – details here    People without this condition may not understand that when it flairs up the simple act of touching anything at all is excruciating, and there are no gloves, whether vinyl, plastic, rubber or cotton that protect against this pain, and there are no creams, ointments, salves, sprays of ANY KIND that have any impact at all on it, and I know because I have used them all and tried everything in the past 15 years.  So before you say, “I have this product that will help” please stop a moment and think about the fact that when I tell you that I have tried it, and that it does not work, I mean just that. I have tried it, and it does not work.  At one poit I took a bag of all th e creams and ointments I have used over he yeas to a Residency trained Dermatologist and he agreed that I had indeed tried every thing on the market, and then some, and that the condition is either untreatable or would require a specialist with more training and education that he (a Residency Trained Board Certified Dermatologist) had.  He said that possibly my primary physician could refer me to such a specialist at Duke.

I explained all of  this to Dr. Sionne George on April 15, 2015, and even showed her many of these photos  (which had also been shown to USAF Med Officer Lt Col Elliot Pinero and USAF Med Officer Col. Louis Martinez. there is even a reference to this condition in the signature line of my emails for months and months) .

In the end Dr. Sionne George wrote a referral to a PA ( a physician’s assistant).

right palm and thumb Nov 2013 middle finger IMG_4583 IMG_4569 IMG_4284 hands on Aug 22 2015 IMG_0704 IMG_3236 IMG_4278 2015 April 28 left index finger 2015 July 16 hand x 2015 July 16 fingers x 2015 July 16 palmx 2015 July 16 thumb 2015 June 16 hands III 2015 April 28 hands x - Copy 2015 April 6 hand one 2015 April 6 fingers