My FOIA Re: the Langley AFB Hospital Command’s “Investigation”

On September 9, 2015 I made a formal request under the Freedom of Information Act for all information related to the Langley Air Force Base Hospital Command’s Command  Directed Investigation, which the USAF acknowledged the received.

Attach September 10, 2015 email from USAF, “We are processing your request and your information will be available shortly” and second email saying the same thing. I have been promised this information for months now, with one pathetic excuse after another, but as of June 23,  2016 I have not received this information.

2015 Sept 10 FW FOUO Greenwood FOIA-1 2015 Sept 10 FW FOUO Greenwood FOIA-2 2015 Sept 10 FW FOUO Greenwood FOIA-3