I am the victim of domestic violence, spousal abuse and  ABUSE OF A VULNERABLE ADULT.

Here are some facts: I am 62 years old. I am disabled.  My abuser is my husband, USAF Medical Officer, Major Arthur John Greenwood, a.k.a. Dr. Arthur John Greenwood OBGN. Arthur is 51 years old.

Abuse of a Vulnerable Adult is a crime NCSG Statutes

Abuse of A Vulnerable Adult is abuse, where in the victim is over 60 years old, the abuser controls 100% of the finances and the victim is being forced to live in an unfit, unsafe and or dangerous situation. Apparently no one in Congress has bothered to fund programs that help victims of Abuse of a Vulnerable Adult, which impacts the fastest growing segment of our society. Government reports have indicated for years now that Abuse of A Vulnerable Adult is growing. It will very likely impact you or someone you love.

I am over 60 years old. I am disabled. My husband controls 100% of our finances. I have no access to credit, to savings, to anything at all, except what he decides to deposit in our joint bank Account. He does not provide  enough to meet any minimal standards for the obligations of the Logres Farm animals and  food, rent, insurance, taxes, medical care, dental care, or any of the debts and obligations he has dumped on me. My husband is an extremely arrogant manipulative man. On August 6, 2015 I was told I was to “cut back on my standard of living.” You can see videos of home I am living in here: Page with VIDEOS from February 2, 2015 showing the conditions of this home

Things have gotten worse since February 2, 2015, in large part because I have been injured many many times since those videos were taken. In July of 2015 Arthur took $5,675.00 from my bank account without my knowledge or consent. That money was to be used to pay a licensed electrical company to do what was possible to provide safe temporary electoral service for me and the horses. As a result of Arthur taking the money from my account, I went without air conditioning in 100 degree heat, and slept in my van much of the summer. Here is a video of how I have to bathe. VIDEO Conditions of home Oct 23, 2015 showing how I have to bathe. VIDEO made 2015 June 27 rain inside and VIDEO Thursday August 20, 2015 made about a week after Arthur stopped providing any support at all for the animals and ordered me to cut back on my standard of living.

The USAF has known of my husbands conduct for years, and done nothing at all to help me.

Were it not for the compassion and generosity of a few, the animals and I would have starved to death months ago.

And before you ask, “NO, I never willingly agreed to live like this, not for one day, not for one moment.” Forcing me to live like this has always been abuse, especially when my husband is  living in relatively luxury

For much of our marriage my husband was obese while I was starving. While I lived in emotional and social isolation, in poverty, and went without food, heat, medical and dental care for years. In contract, Arthur lived in “our second home” had a new bedroom suite, leather couch, huge screen T.V. with the deluxe cable sports package. I was the barn help / kennel help, while Arthur went to parties, sports games and took trips that I never knew about. Arthur lied about our taxes, his income, his fidelity and just about every thing else.

Over the years I borrowed almost $400,000.00 (four hundred thousand dollars) so that Arthur could pursue his obsessions to be a horse and dog breeder. We had a business Logres Farm which Arthur deducted as a business loss on his Federal Income Tax Returns every year going back to 2004.

Over the years there were many times that Arthur and I discussed how I was living versus how he was living and the money we were spending on his whims and obsessions, and always Arthur promised that if I just held out a bit longer, or let him spend our money on himself just one more time, that he would provide a real home for me and us. If I just waited for one more thing he wanted first, if I just put off my needs for his impulsive whims. In the end, in this marriage I was never more than his kennel and barn help. As just one of dozens of examples, see video of home he wanted to buy in January of 2014 

My husband earns and or has the ability to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year as a Residency Trained Board Certified OBGYN. He is choosing to force me to live in poverty.

Abandoned to live in poverty – retaliation for whistleblowing

Since November of 2014 I have been forced to stay here in this rental home in North Carolina:

  • In late October of 2014, just weeks before abandoning me, in a sworn statement to the United States Air Force, my husband claimed that I was disabled and that he needed to be allowed to retire from the US Air Force early to come home and help me care for the property and the animals, which at that time included only two old mares and 6 permanent adult dogs. See chain of emails with the official USAF Retirement Request.
  • In early December 2014 – my husband abandoned me, to live in poverty, with a mountain of his debt and enormous obligations to preserve and maintain what he called his “community property” for a year, while he hid from Service of Process, and continued to threaten me.
  • the home I have been forced to live in is over 70 years old and falling apart. Living here forces me to live well below the level of poverty
  • my husband abandoned me with the crushing burden of thousands of dollars of his business debts and enormous business obligations (his horse and dog breeding business – filed as a business loss on his Federal Income Tax Return every year going back to 2004) and not enough money, staff or proper facilities to meet his obligations and still have money for my food, safe housing, medical and dental care.
  • Currently I have no vehicle insurance, Both vehicles I have access to are in my husband’s name. The license tabs for the 14 year old farm truck expired in August of 2015. The mini van’s license tabs  expired in February of 2016.
  • There is no air  conditioning in this home and it easily gets over 100 degrees inside.
  • There is no heat on the main floor of this home, there is standing water in the basement, at this time of year the home is so damp the doors on the main floor are swollen shut and can not be opened.
  • The wiring and plumbing are over 70 years old, and are so faulty all of the appliances have shorted out. The plumbing does not work, water does not drain properly or takes days to drain, and I have sewage backing up into the tub where I am forced to bathe. see videos of the condition of this home here
  • Over the years I have gone without food and medical /dental care, so that I can meet the crushing needs of my husband’s extremely expensive obsessions /business obligations.
  • I have been injured dozens of times by both my husband, and by the animals, and or the conditions of this home and property.
  • In addition to other disabilities, because of years of physical violence of my husband, and other injuries, I now have Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) which is the result of repeated and traumatic brain injury.
  • I never ever ever agreed to live in this home for any length of time, and most especially not if it meant I was essentially abandoned and forced to live here by myself, in poverty, to care for all of these animals.
  • Insert links to dozens of texts, emails with Arthur – going back years – and most especially from November of 2014 on, and texts, emails and other documents – with Arthur, the military, Congressional representative, medical doctors and the landlord, wherein I say repeatedly that the horses can not be dumped here, that I can not be forced to keep all of these animals for a year, that we do not have the facilities, that we can not afford them, that I am too old to manage them, that I am disabled, that I have been injured and am constantly being injured, and that we do not own the property and the property is not safe or fit for me or these animals.
  • insert texts and phone calls from Arthur in late November of 2014 and early December of 2014 where he references being sued in Moore County by his creditors, for thousands and thousands of dollars, and that I alone will have to defend against these claims against him, because the military policies are allowing Arthur to hide from service of process.

What has happened to me should never have happened. Not to me, not to anyone. My husband is treating me this way by choice, because he is angry at being caught in a decades old patteren of illegal, uneithical and immoral conduct – which has put many American citizens in jail. For years My husband threatened that he would hurt me if I every spoke about what he was doing. My husband is retaliating against me because I told the truth about him. I am being forced to live in poverty, in a dangerous, unsafe and unfit situation because I “blew the whistle” on my husband. I am the victim of abuse and the United States Air Force is contributing to harming the victim. Is this the “HONOR” that we hear about from Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter?

A Response to the Abuse of Vulnerable Adults

The 2000 Survey of State Adult Protective Services

Pamela B. Teaster, Ph.D

The National


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